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Farewell 2011!!!

Good Morning World. Good Morning Fashion Bloggers. It is officially 8.48 AM here in Albania - the country of the Eagles. Which means we are about 13 hours away from saying Farewell to 2011 and welcoming a brand new year - 2012. Are you guys excited, nervous, hopeful, happy for the New Year? Who believes December 31st 2012 will be the end of the world, the story of destruction? I sure don't believe it and neither do I ever think about this. But if that is the case let make 2012 OUR BEST YEAR YET!!

I don't know about you guys but almost every year the last 2-3 days of the year are always sooooo darn busy for me. It seems like I always have a million things to do and a million and one things I still need to do and/or forget to do and it is so crazy and definitely not relaxing!!? Murphy, you are not my friend at all. =D Happy New Year to Me! With that said, I have so much I MUST DO today, so many errands still to do, a lot of house-work and trying on my entire outfit before I put…

Christmas Day 2011.

So girls are you getting ready for New Year's Eve - THE BIGGEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR? Do you have your dress or outfit, shoes, jewelry, makeup and hair all planned out? I think I know what I am wearing but I have to put it all together at home, first. I also have a plan for a fun and youthful hairdo. While today I am doing some last-minute shopping getting a gift for my husband and one for my father-in-law. We exchange Christmas/New Year Gifts on New Year's Eve at his family and with his family. But man it is so hard buying for a man (pun intended). LOL

Below I am bringing you my Christmas Day outfit. As you may know by now this is the very first Christmas I spend 15 years later in my home country of Albania and the very first one ever I spend in Tirana (the capital) where my husband and I as well as his family, lives. And let me tell you it has been a beautiful, festive Holiday Season overall. I have never seen Tirana look prettier or more decorative like this. I will talk and w…

Christmas Eve 2011.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYS. What did you do for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?! What gifts did you get, what did you gift yourself? Were you happy overall with what you got? What did you eat and most importantly WHAT, WHO DID YOU WEAR? LOL
I had a Great Holiday overall, my first one in Tirana, Albania. It was a chilly yet dry and sunny December 24th and 25th around here, but I still stayed stylish. =P Since today I am posting my Christmas Eve outfit I will talk about what I did this day and "reveal" my Christmas Day outfit either later tonight or early morning, tomorrow. So, everything is opened regular hours here on Christmas Eve and most people celebrate the 25th rather than the 24th (it is an European things I guess). Local bars, pubs and restaurants were not as busy as usual, even-though it was Saturday, but overall it was still pretty busy. People seemed to be happier and more generous than usual.

The highlight of Christmas Eve for me was having lunch out with my husband, an…


I am keeping this post short and sweet today being in the Christmas Spirit and all. First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS BEAUTIFUL, STYLISH LADIES!! It is technically Christmas here in Lovely Tirana, Albania, since it is 23 minutes past midnight. =)
Secondly, you must know I love love this time of the year. The Holidays in December are my favorite time during the year with the exception of the month of May (when it is both my birthday and my husband's and when it is the prettiest time in the Spring, welcoming Summer.) Every year I go nuts decorating not only the tree but the house around me, when it comes to Christmas. And every year I did something different, especially since I had collected so many kinds, shapes and colors of ornaments as well as other celebratory, festive XMas items, through the years. Unfortunately I had to leave behind entire boxes of decorations when I moved from Michigan to Albania. We now live in a small one bedroom apartment. We have a lot less space and I still …

A Lovely, Velvety, Christmasy LBD.

So I am sorry I haven't posted as regularly as I'd like to or as regularly as I promised. It is due to having some internet difficulties which I hope are fixed for good, especially since these days I am free, without a job just yet and have a lot of time in my hands.

So what's new, on my end? On Wednesday I colored and trimmed my hair, added a few layers and went a tiny bit lighter, perhaps a shade lighter or so. It's amazing how the day you get your hair done, you look and feel like a brand-new person, because it is so shiny, smooth, pretty and overall makes you look shinier, smoother, prettier. Overall I am very happy. It looks sooooo healthy AND brand-new. That makes me smile especially since it is Winter. I have also gone on a little shopping spree. I know it's the Holiday Season and all and we are all supposed to spend for others, buy gifts for others, etc. But I can't help it if I find cute, nice, affordable things for myself. After all I have always been…

What I Wore this Sunday: the Blue Sweater Dress.

Well this is the second outfit of the day post. I am on a roll, girls. LOL All kidding aside this is the outfit I wore yesterday, during a lovely, chill Sunday I spent with my Husband. We started the day by having a Cappuccino and a Machiatto, then we had a lovely lunch at a lovely restaurant. Then we strolled in the city for a walk and did some window shopping and some real shopping (I purchased 2 headbands; my husband got a new winter jacket). Afterwards we went to visit my In-Laws which took us out for a tea at their local cafe and we ended the night watching TV & Movies. As I said, a great day! =)

The weather was a little chilly actually and I think boots would have worked better with this outfit, than flats. But I wanted to dress up a little bit. Sundays mean a special time for my husband and I since it's the only day of the week we have to spend entirely together. Plus it's usually the most relaxed day of the week, therefore there is "no dress code". This i…