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Happy Birthday to Me! (My Annual Blog Birthday Party - Part One.)

Today is my Birthday. I turn 39! Which means next year is a huge one! Birthdays are always bittersweet for us all as adults. They are bitter in the sense that we are getting older, we get more wrinkles, more gray hair, more cellulite, less energy, and most likely less attractive lol. But they are also sweet because it means we made it one more year, we opened our eyes each day and greeted the sun, we are alive and well and we have a new year to live and look forward to!

This morning for the first time ever I heard this beautiful and very meaningful new song by Rob Thomas, titled "One Less Day". Rob Thomas explains the song (and I quote) "This is an anthem about life and living. Living one more day is a privilege not afforded to everyone, so do all you can with the ones you get." The little writer in me just loves the words with this song. The mom, the fighter, the survivor and the life lover that I am agrees with the message of this song, it is so fitting to write i…