Monday, September 17, 2018

Choose Self Joy! - Poetry.

I just wrote this poem today. If you remember from one of my early January posts this year, I mentioned that the word I chose for 2018 was "Self-Joy". I think it is super important that we all choose self-joy. If you are in a relationship that makes you unhappy - get out of it. If you have a friend that feels more like an enemy - don't let them be your friend anymore. If there are people in your life that bring negativity and mayhem - decide to rid yourself of these people. Be with people who love you and respect you. Choose people who love you for you. Be close to your family. Surround yourself with wonderful people. Surround yourself with people who bring out your genuine smile! At the end of the day your happiness matters. Choose self joy for yourself, for you! I hope you like my little poem.

Choose  Self  Joy !
[September 2018]

How can I walk on broken glass
and fill my heart with empty promises?!
How can I make the same mistake twice
and have life choose the paths for me?!

In this tumultuous journey I walk every day
sometimes I choose joy and sometimes pain,
I forget that at the end of the day,
the one who matters the most is my happiness, my jam!

Things aren't always black and white,
a colorful rainbow appears somewhere,
there is fear and uncertainty in the sight,
but there is also hope and beauty everywhere...

So if I choose to smell the flowers it is up to me,
they are blue, yellow, red, pink, green,
in an infinite nature filled up with sparkle and beam,
I need to find the sunshine and the silver moon...

I need to embrace the beauty all around us,
because there I can find the blessings life has given me,
through the downs and the minuses, there is a big plus,
I control my destiny, I choose my self-joy!

So choose for yourself, make your own decisions,
choose to be happy, brave, strong and joyful,
only you can unlock the key to your dreams,
open up the drawer that makes you hopeful!