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Famous Last Words - Poetry.

I just wrote this poem and the style of it is a little bit different. But I like how it turned out. I wanted to use the saying or metaphor "Famous Last Words" as the back story of this little poem. It is about a couple who is in love and believes in love (the good and the bad of it) and says the words" I Love you" (those 'famous last words') often, to one-another. Speaking of poems, you really loved my last one "A Thousand Million Times". That one was so raw, pure, genuine, true emotion. Not that today's poem isn't so. But that last poetry I posted really got you all's attention. Thank you for all the nice, kind comments you wrote there and some of you even DM-ed and E-Mailed me. You were moved by that little poem. Thank you so much. I love that you enjoy my non-fashion-related content!
FAMOUS  LAST  WORDS. [5.53 P.M. August 13th 2019.]

Famous last words... "I Love You So Much!" I heard that so often, I believed it in my heart…