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Currently, March 2018.

I cannot believe there are two months into 2018 already and March marched in (sorry, I couldn't resist) pouring all kinds of low temps and cold weather our way (35-36 degrees was as high as it got). But at least we are turning our clocks ahead come Sunday and that daylight savings time will definitely put everyone in a nicer mood, I think. Here I am linking up with ANNE from Anne In Residence again for her fun monthly "Currently" posts.

planning:Spring outfits and Spring outfit posts and more posts such as Spring Collaborations. Now, only if the weather could cooperate. We are supposed to get a few more inches of snow tonight and it will be a sleek and cold commute tomorrow morning. 

seeing:hmmmm I could answer this into many different ways. But I am going to generalize it into the fact that I am seeing to improve any and all aspects of my life: my life as a parent, as a worker - my career, my personal life, my time dedicated to myself, my time dedicated to my daughter and…