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Skirting the Rules: Leather and Plaid Pencil Skirt for Valentine's Day.

Finally, it is super late on this Tuesday evening but I am finally getting around to posting the newest "Skirting the Rules" Linkup, which ELSIE from Polished Whimsy and I run the very last Tuesday of each month. We both dropped the ball on this one though, due to both of us being busy working women and busy moms, we were quite late in pulling this month's linkup together. And guys, as I type this, how in the world is it the end of January?! And what end of January it is from us Michiganders. Last week 2-3 days of school were canceled and this week so far 3 school days have been canceled, not sure about Friday. However tomorrow and Thursday will be the two coldest days of the entire Winter season, but not only. The temperatures will feel around -25 or -30 tomorrow with the windchill and that guys hasn't happened in quarter of a century (according to the news).

LEATHER,  LACE  AND  PLAID  - PERFECT  FOR  VALENTINE'S  DAY. First of all, let's start by saying that…