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Tweed Navy Metallic and Stripey Black Lace.

It is Skirts Week Ladies. You are welcome to join me and wear Skirts this week. I did Dresses last week, following Heather's Footsteps. And I am doing Skirts this week just like Lovely Londyn did last week. I am much more of a Skirts/Dresses Girl than a Pants/Jeans Girl. There are two other Bloggers I love & follow who wear Skirts all the time & look Lovely doing so. First there is Whitney who as a matter of fact is wearing a Skirt today on her blog, so check it out. =) Her Skirt is also Navy, Tweed with some Silver Metallic running through it. Then we have Megan who has a different style from Whitney, rather more Girly & a little Bohemian, albeit both wear Skirts often & both look great doing so.

This Navy Mini Skirt and this Stripey Lace Tee both from Ann Taylor Loft have only been worn once before in this blog & I haven't worn them a lot actually. So I paired them together this time. They sort of mix & match well between the Neutral Colors & Diffe…