Saturday, May 10, 2014

March and April Purchases + Gifts.

Today's post is difficult for me to write. I feel a little embarrassed about ALL of this purchases (and some items were c/o or gifts) you are about to see. Not to make myself feel better or less guilty, but all this shopping is due to 1} outlet shopping with lots of great deals, 2} filling 'holes' in my closet (such as the need for a Navy Blazer, a Navy Pencil Skirt, a Bright Colored Blazer or two and a Floral Pencil Skirt among others), 3} treating myself to some pre-Birthday shopping, 4} using some gift cards I had, 5} buying some things for next Fall/Winter for excellent deals, 6} selling $40 worth of clothes, etc. So embarrassment and all, I am posting about all of my March+April Purchases to continue with this series about what I spend each month, what comes in (and what goes out, for that matter). Being 100% transparent here, guys. I had to combine March with April because some things were exchanged, some March purchased didn't arrive in mail till April, etc. All of these clothes + accessories were purchased both in Europe and in US. Most were purchased in stores, some online and some arrived to me as gifts from USA, purchased from my mom and brother or my one girl cousin who is like a sister to me.

So what did I buy in the last two months? I tried to break it down as best as possible. For each collage, I am giving a total of those items spent. Like I said was lucky enough to have been given some stuff c/o. All in all there are 53 items for a total worth of $642 which is a very high total for two months. I had $210 in Gift Cards that I used up and my $40 worth of money from selling clothes. In the total, not pictured are 2 Scarves (both were c/o), 2 pairs of Stud Earrings (a pair of green ladybug studs and a pair of purple owls, also both c/o), my Coral Watch gifted from my Husband, 3 Gold Necklaces and a Gold Bracelet (faux gold, custom jewelry I mean). My purpose for shopping the last couple of months was to find some nice versatile blazers that I could wear with jeans and pencil skirts, as a mom or as a working woman. I splurged a lot on those. I also wanted to add a couple of new skirts for Spring/Summer, some Black Skinny Jeans (which were a total steal at $5.00 and fit so well), some printed Pants, especially Floral (luckily I got a pair c/o Zara), a Tee with Anchor(s) because I wanted one for Summer badly. And I also splurged at my Tees from what I am seeing, and a Floral Scarf or two. A lot of things were impulse buys some of which I am slightly regretful for. Thankfully none of those impulse buys were expensive.
This is the category I spent the most on. I apologize that a couple of these are wrinkled. My closet is packed. I photographed them after they were in the closet. The Orange Jacket (I have yet to wear) was the least expensive one. I scored it for $7.00. It has Brown Suede Elbow Patches. The Navy Ponte Blazer I had looked high and low for, I have already worn it twice but no Blog Outfits. The Black+White Striped Blazer (which is gorgeous and I also needed a B+W Striped Blazer was c/o H&M). The little Gray Sweatshirt Bomber was also inexpensive (worn here). The other 2 Bright Colored Blazers were also splurges but they are both gorgeous. The Burgundy Peplum one I wore recently. The Green one I have yet to wear. Look for all the Blazers (you haven't seen me wear), on the blog, soon. The total for all of these 6 Blazers/Jackets was $112. Getting one for free and paying less than $20 combined for two of these, definitely made that total pretty low for 6 pieces.
This Outterwear Jacket category is filled with Impulse Buys. Like I need another Faux Leather Jacket. I did want a Faux Fur one though. The one I purchased is cropped but it was inexpensive. All of these were pretty cheap actually and I will wear them a lot. I haven't worn the Green one yet (saving it for next Fall, now), but the Metallic Blue one which is actually Real Leather was a Gift from my Mom (worn here). While the Black Bomber was worn a few times already (like most recently). The combined total for all these was $48. Not bad, right?
Another category of Impulse Buys, also on the inexpensive side, due to end-of-the-season sales of 60-70% off. I added a Tailored Checkered Vest (not worn yet), then a Brown Puffer Vest worn several times already (like most recently). The White Vest which is identical to the Brown one was c/o - perfect since I wanted a White Puffy Vest. I have also worn it several times (here is the most recent).  Last but not least I added to my Faux Fur collection; the Black Vest was worn a couple of times (only once on the blog). $40 was the total of these 4 Vests. Again, not bad - just $10 for each, on average.
I also wanted a couple more Sweatshirts especially of the Graphic kind. When looking for the Sweatshirts, I found the Navy Cowl-neck Sweater Dress/Tunic (not worn yet) and the Aztec Cardigan worn a couple of times already (here is the latest Outfit with it). The Black+Gold Sweatshirt was c/o. I already wore it 3 times, but only once on the blog. The Pastel Green Sweatshirt with the Wolf and the Nude Sweatshirt with the Lace front have been worn and you will see them on the blog, soon. I love clothes with Animals on them, Aztec Prints and Lace. And I love Sweater Dresses. Clearly I added more of each. The combined total for these 5 pieces is $50 which again averages to $10 each.
Holy Molly Cute Girly Tees. I call Tees or T-Shirts like these Girly Tees. Yes, they qualify as Graphic Tees, too. With the exception of the "Fancy Girl", Long-Sleeve Tee which was inexpensive and I included in my 30 for 30 remix, the other Tees were a little more than what I pay for Tees. But I couldn't resist the Gorgeous Floral or the Fun, Nautical Anchors. I will wear these Tees a lot during Summer and expect to see them on me, soon. The total here was $80, which averages $20 for a Tee, like I said expensive for a T-Shirt. But I am glad a lot of the Winter items and Pants costed me a lot less. 
When I was putting together this collage, I was surprised to see that in total I had purchased 7 pairs of Pants. WOW!! The Black Skinny Jeans, Cocoa-Brown Cords and Navy+Black Tuxedo Skinny Pants were also all included in my 30 for 30 April Challenge. They were worn and remixed a lot. They are all versatile and great buys and awesome deals too. The Black Sequin Pants I stumbled upon and had to have them (they didn't cost an arm and a leg lol). The Navy Ponte/Faux Leather Pants have already been worn a few times - here most recently - and in that same Post, you can see my Gorgeous Floral Pants c/o Zara. The Cropped, Distressed Boyfriend Jeans were on my to-buy list. Looking forward to wearing them. $90 for all 7 pairs.
The Skirt category is the one I am most excited about because these are all gorgeous. I scored the Black+White Houndstooth/Geometric one with Faux Leather sides and the Navy one with Gold Studs for 50% off. The B+W Striped, Pleated Skirt (worn just this week) was c/o. But the 2 Skirts I am happiest and most excited about are my 2 Gorgeous Floral ones. One is a Pencil and the other a Full Skirt, almost a Midi. They were regular-priced, but I found a 10% coupon code and saved a little. The total for all of these is $105.
So, I was lucky enough to have been gifted 4 Scarves over the last couple of months (2 of which are not pictured). Look at all those Gorgeous Scarves, most of which are Real Silk. The Burberry-looking Plaid Scarf (worn here), the Turquoise Polka Dot/Floral Scarf (worn here), the Black/Floral Scarf (also worn recently), while the other 2 Scarves pictured were not worn yet. I also added a Red+White Purse which can be a shoulder-bag or cross-body and very suitable for Spring+Summer; a True Red Belt (surprisingly I didn't have a Red Belt; love this), a Purple Braided Headband and a Deep Purple Knit Headband for Winter. The total of all of these including the Scarves and Jewelry not pictured (that I mentioned in the beginning of the post) is $117.

So, yes Happy Birthday to me!! =D This is possibly the biggest haul I have had in two months since Black Friday/Christmas Shopping about 3 and a half years ago. $642 for two months is VERY HIGH. It is about $321 per month. Since there are a total of  53 items, the average cost per item is $12.11 which is not very high but still. I am glad to say that over the last month 50 items of clothing (including some jewelry and accessories) have left my closet. I also got rid of a ton of Vivian's clothes and like 12 items from my husband's. There will probably be more of mine and his clothing leaving the closet soon. With all of these purchases I should be good for all Summer. I could use a new pair of Sandals but hopefully my Mom will send me some from what I already own and have in US. To look what else I bought this year, check under the 2014 Budget label. How did you guys do? I am pretty sure you spent a lot less, right? LOL

And stay tuned for a Very Special Mother's Day post tomorrow. To all the Mommy Bloggers Have a Wonderful, Relaxing Mother's Day Weekend, Ladies!!

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