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Spring Bohemian: Embroidery, Fringe and Pom Poms.

Happy Monday everyone! It is the last Monday before Memorial Day and before Spring is over, I came up with a themed outfit week, for you all. If you remember last Fall, DEBBIE from Fashion Fairy Dust and I got together for a week of Outfits that were Bohemian themed. You can read those posts herehere and here. So on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week, we paired up again to show you our Spring Bohemian styles. I will have some Boho-inspired looks on Tuesday and Thursday too so welcome by each day to see what I am styling and how I interpret Boho for Spring. Debbie is the queen of Relaxed Boho Styles and such a specialist at layering too (as today's fun casual outfit also shows). Make sure you stop by Debbie's to see all the awesome details on her outfit today and all the other fun looks she is wearing lately. =)
Today's look is what I would call Dressy Bohemian and something I would wear to my job. As you can see, I titled it "Embroidery, Fringe and Pom Poms"…