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Shopping with Me for New Year's Eve 2013.

Just a few more hours are left in 2012. The New Year is knocking on our doors very very soon. So here is wishing you a Happy, Bright, Beautiful, Fun, Exciting, Hopeful, Healthy, Fantastic New Year 2013!! I know it will be a very different but very wonderful year for myself and my family with the addition of Our Baby Girl, joining our family in the month of January. =)

So, I will be staying home tonight. At almost 9 months pregnant I cannot really go anywhere. Every place will be smokey, loud and crowded - not for me, thank you. We will be having dinner with my In-Laws, as well as my Husband's Aunt's Family of 4, his Sister & one of his Sister's Best Friends. His Parents are setting a Big Family Dinner over their house. What are your plans for tonight? What do you plan on doing/going? Most importantly what will you be wearing?

New Year's Eve is usually a night for me to really get dressed up & glammed up, and even some sparkles are in the mix. Most likely I am i…