Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2017.

Mother's day is a week away and I personally have a weekend packed with lots of work and even a few things to do with both my mom and my daughter. I know everyone and their mom (pun intended!) has been posting their Mom's Gift Ideas. I didn't mean to fall prey to peer pressure but I have my own list of gifts and ideas that I think would be perfect to gift your mom on HER day. Below I compiled a collage of 12 items that would make the perfect gifts and they are all prices between 15-100$ so nothing too pricey. As a mom myself (for the 5th year in a row, this year) I wouldn't mind any of these, as a matter of fact I would love them. These are all thoughtful gifts and carefully-selected and I will explain why, next to each gift idea. ;-)

Engraved Frame - I love the idea of a personalized frame, even better if it is engraved in wood. I personally hand-picked a similar one this year, for my mom.
Matching Necklaces - yes, there are a million options of necklaces with the word "mom" on them but I particularly love these elegant silver heart pendants with the tiny silver stone in the middle, because you get two for the price of one: one for mom and one for you. These matching necklaces are so pretty and thoughtful to give. These are great whether you are a new mom and have a little girl or if you keep one and your mom wears the other. And they are perfectly-priced, too.
Classic Cropped Trench - Some moms are hard to shop for when it comes to clothes (mine is too), but I think a modern yet stylish, trendy yet classic trench coat in a neutral color like this off-white one is a great addition to their closets. I love that this one is cropped which makes it perfect and wearable for every season.
Mom Thermos Mug - this is not only pretty and perfect for mom (because let's face it whether you live with your mom or are far away from her, everytime you visit mom it is like being home again), but it is such an useful everyday item she can carry her hot drink of choice in. Something so pretty and so thoughtful she can carry every day and think of you.
Beauty Set - a set of neutral and peachy shades of lipglosses by a great brand is a nice gift idea because she will use it all the time. My mom is very low maintenance when it comes to makeup and she usually only uses something for her lips. She always prefers a gloss as opposed to a lipstick. I definitely reccomend this.
Silk Scarf - this one is a gorgeous Pucci and at a steal of a price. Let's face it, there has never been a time when silk scarves have never been stylish or trending. I remember when I was a very little girl and my mom had several that she loved wearing daily. I even have some of hers handed down to me, now. I'd purchase this because she can use it year-around and the print on this is subtle with pretty light colors and the material is wonderful.
Suede Mules - mules are so in right now and I think they have always been a stylish and elegant shoe option for moms. Light baby blue color is huge this season. I think this particular pair would go with so much because the color is so light, I can see it work with almost everything mom wears. Plus they are not very high-heeled and feature the ever-trending block heel.
Book Set - what a wonderful collection of poems this set is. If she is the reader type or if she likes poetry, gift her this wonderful set of books. It is such a thoughtful gift and one that keeps of giving, because she will enjoy reading these poems all the time.
"Live Love Laugh" Throw - this throw is cozy, beautiful, soft and reversible. The best part - besides the "Live Love Laugh" message - it has the best price possible, only 15 bucks! I also love that it is in camel and ivory because these neutrals are so beautiful, together.
Votive Set - what mom doesn't love pretty candles that smell great?! These 3 glass votive candles come in the prettiest tulip-shaped vases and in three great pastel colors. The price point is fantastic for each. Mom would love these.
Cold Shoulder Blouse - this type of blouse/top is trending big these days. I think moms of a certain age cannot necessary pull off the off-shoulder trend but the cold-shoulder trend is one for almost every age. Plus florals are big right now. I love that this features big flowers in light pink and light blue colors- the two biggest colors in fashion, currently. My mom would totally wear this and I might have to purchase it for her.
"Home Is..." Pillow - a great pillow for her to throw on her sofa or armchair and just like the thermos mug, this pillow is meant to make mom's day because let's face it: Home is where mom is. Indeed it is.

I hope you liked these gifts I selected for the most important woman in everyone's life - their mom. Do you agree with my list?! What are you buying your mom this year?!