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Bell Bottoms, Bow Blouse and Bold Booties.

Try saying that 3 times fast?! It is quite a mouthful hmm? Imagine if I had added the word blues (Blues: Bell Bottoms, Bow Blouse and Bold Booties). Alliteration at its best. Some titles come easier than others, what about you?! Well, this is actually the outfit I wore today as in this Sunday afternoon. After a mostly lazy AM where besides washing dishes, neat-picking the house a little and shooting one outfit for the blog, after lunch in the afternoon, I decided to take Vivian and go out and about one of the cute down-towns we have nearby, since it was pretty sunny and in the mid 40s (read: warm for Michigan in February). It was quite windy though and you can tell by today's photos. You saw snippets of this outfit (mostly my blue bow floral blouse) on my Instagram stories yesterday. Do you follow me yet?! Vivian and I walked a little downtown Northville and then sat down at our favorite cafe which is also a bookstore and it is Paris…