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October's Top 3.

This post - about last month's Favorite Outfits - is coming quite late this month, but that's due to me traveling/moving back to Albania and having scheduled a few guest posts ahead, also. I have enjoyed doing this feature monthly, reflecting on my Favorite Outfits from the previous month, so I am not skipping it. Better late than never.

I felt like October was another great month of Outfits for me. I was proud of so many looks. This month I wore everything from different styles of Jeans to Dresses (even re-styled 2 Dresses from "Then" into "Now"), from Button-downs to Bustiers, from Pumps to Flats. Coming up with these selected 7 was difficult, but ultimately (before even looking at my October archives) the Navy+White Outfit featuring a Plaid Skirt & my New Polka Dot Chambray stood out and I remembered it correctly. Hands down it is My Absolute Favorite, despite being the one Outfit with the fewest comments. That I think was due to timing and schedulin…