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Coral and Friends.

Hello Girls. What's up? So, my friend's wedding last night was beautiful and she looked drop-dead gorgeous. She switched gowns and they were both beautiful. We had way too much fun. We ate a ton of good food, danced a little and just enjoyed the entire thing. We got home 8 hours later extremely tired and sleepy and that to me equals to one great, successful wedding.

Of course I will post some photos from this wedding and the other wedding I attended this summer of another girlfriend of mine, at some other time. But today I leave you with some photos and a simple outfit I wore during a little meet-and-greet with a friend of ours from USA. We met her for a fun fruit cocktail drink and a chat. And believe it or not, it got a little cooler that evening. I could have used a little cardigan or shrug over my shoulders, for later on. I love how this dress fits now with the belly bump though. =)

My favorite photo of that afternoon/evening. Love how we created a little heart around my b…