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Cozy. Elegant. Graphic.

I want to start off today by saying Thank You for all the compliments I received yesterday. Thanks for loving those glasses on me and for complimenting me on how I look in Teal. Lucky for me, my vision was 20/20 the last time I checked. I wore those glasses just as a fashion accessory. Unfortunately I seem to have lost them. And, I listened to you guys and indeed wore a little bit more Teal today. Also, having a broken lap-top has resulted on posting several very recent outfits. Once again just like last Tuesday, the Outfit I am about to post now I am currently wearing. I wore it this morning when I took Vivian to the daycare and then ran some errands and renewed some papers. I wore it during lunch-time when I picked up Vivian and I plan on wearing it tonight to the Marketing session I currently teach. This Outfit was perfect for today, because I wanted to join Andi for Graphic Tee Week and Laura B. for Trend Spin Weekly which today's theme is Cozy Knits. I love when I hit so many…