Monday, November 11, 2019

Currently, November 2019. Plus Linkup.

WOW how is it half-way through November already?! For real! But let's not think about that. It will be the very end of 2019 before we know it. We have started our countdown to Christmas here and Vivian is excited to say the least!

picking: Accessories for Winter. I am getting out all the scarves, beanies, hats, gloves and mittens for both Vivian and I. It is getting very cold here, as a matter of fact we had our second snow of the season starting last night, until today. There are 10 deep inches in my neighborhood and anywhere from 7 to 12 inches in the cities around us. It is very cold I am telling you and it has mostly been 35 degrees or under for the last 10 days or so. One way for me to express my style for cold weather is through the warm weather accessories I choose. You need them to keep yourself warm. You need to layer and why not, be stylish while doing so.

This is the view from my front porch this morning, when it was 13 degrees. I told you it is cold and we are covered in snow. Those pesky Winter Accessories I was talking about are very much necessary.

preparing: For Christmas, slowly but surely. Little baby steps in the Christmas preparations but getting there and probably by the end of the week, I will put up the main Christmas tree, too. So far Cookie, Vivian's Elf has visited her and this mama has been trying to come up with ideas each day to hide her lol. We also put up Vivian's little tree (pictures below) in her room. It is so cute and girly decorated with ballerinas, dolls, candy ornaments like big lollipops, ice-cream in cones, the cutest pink+white gingerbread house, rose gold globes with gold glitter on them, 3 of her favorite Disney princesses: Belle, Ariel and Jasmine and of course a mini Santa Klaus on top. All the ornaments are quite big so they stand out!

Vivian loves her girl elf, Cookie. If you have any ideas about "Elf on the Shelf" drop them on my comment box below. Hahaa. Thanks in advance.

And here is Viv's mini tree in her room. Aren't the ornaments adorable with a capital A?!
trying: To stay awake lol. For real. It has been a little over a week since the time change with daylight savIngs in the morning, but whether I come home at 4.00, 5.00, 6.00, 7.00 or even 9.00 P.M. at night, all I want to do is sleep. I am always so tired and sleepy. I appreciate that when I wake super early in the morning it doesn't look like the middle of the night, but still. I have been drinking more coffee and tea, but honestly it doesn't always help. The time change has been playing games with my body and with my eyes. I constantly take naps in late afternoon and evenings whenever I can. It sucks that it gets dark so fast, especially with the bad weather. When it is gray, rainy or snowy out it looks quite dark since 2.00 P.M. Therefore, my body feels that I need sleep.

 feeling: Cold! Sleepy! Tired! Agitated at times. Honestly, I am not ready for the long Winter ahead. It is by far the longest season in Michigan and unfortunately it happens to be the coldest season. And Michigan Winters are brutal! They really are! I hate the way I feel in the Winter. I am one of those people that loves all seasons and appreciates the fact that I live in a place that has seasons. I try to find the good and the beauty in all seasons but sometimes reality kicks in. When you have to wake up quite earlier because you have to clear out your car and turn it on 10-15 minutes early so that it warms up, unfreeze it inside out, clean the windows and use all the means possible to clean and clear the snow. Sometimes even the warmest gloves don't help. The wind freezes your nose and neck, etc, etc.

I told you we got A LOT OF SNOW. This last photo here was my drive way home around 4.00 PM this Monday. I was moving between 3 and 10 miles an hour and even completely stopping at times. It took me 6 times as long to get home.

following: If this is referring to new accounts on Instagram or new blogs, I am not following anyone new because I don't need to (I follow plenty of people) and because I don't have time. I don't even have time to keep up or constantly follow the people that I already do. 

Before I leave for today, I want to present you my favorite outfits that were linked with me on Thursday Moda three weeks ago. I was ready to feature these beauties last week but I couldn't do my linkup due to personal family reasons. Here are my favorites from 3 weeks ago (that were supposed to go live, last week). I spot lots of red, plaid, florals, a big darling flower brooch, geometric shapes and the cutest purses!
My friend Nancy's floral dress and matching brooch she wore recently to a wedding was 'Second Hand'. You don't have to spend hundreds to look magnificent like she does.
In a 'High Neck Floral Blouse', Elyse manages to look bohemian, flirty, fun, put together and ready to tackle a day off!
Ana is in a pretty 'Black Dress with Red Hearts' completed with a bright-red umbrella and the prettiest ladylike Mary Jane pumps. Oh la la!!
Lizzie is in a 'Neutral Fall Outfit' but unlike her usual dresses and skirts, this one has a country flair to it, not as girly and elegant as we are used to seeing her. I love it.
She is the queen of colors and 'The Queen of Diamonds'. Katie never disappoints in putting together outfits that are both colorful and super sophisticated.
'How to Style a Plaid Sweater Dress Fall to Winter'?! Just ask the darling and always very fashionable Darlene. Her sleeveless plaid dress is a little retro and I love it with the modern fanny pack.


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