Friday, February 17, 2017

Third Thursday Thoughts (on a Friday), February 2017.

OK, so I am posting this Third Thursday Thoughts on a Friday but it (briefly) skipped my mind that this is indeed the third Thursday of the month - when I usually do this series - and February is a short month (and it is more than half-way over - GASP!) so it is OK.

- You guys watch "The Bachelor"?! So I never watched Andi's season and didn't know Nick from there. Then he came in late into Kaitlyn's season and was already 'nominated' as "the villain". He was a little cocky then but I do think he truly was into Kaitlyn, but yeah I wasn't very fond of him. Then he came into "Bachelor in Paradise" last Summer and all of a sudden was 'a nice guy'. Well I believed him then. And he did redeem himself in that show but I was happy he didn't end up with Jen - one of my most favorite bachelorettes there has ever been. Now, he got a fourth chance as the one delivering the roses and guys did Nick get more stupid between last Summer and now?! I don't find him very attractive, both looks-wise and what's more importantly: mind-wise. He is silly and giddy like a little girl. He is a lot into himself and even-though I don't think he is a bad guy or a villain, I am not loving him as the bachelor. 

...Neither I am really loving the current season of "The Bachelor" so much. For the past 5-6 years or so, I have gotten bored/not interested or both after the 4th or 5th episode of "The Bachelor". Same is happening with Nick though I find most of his girls quite nice, except Corinne of course! What does he see in Corinne?! We all know this guy is still very much into sex. I haven't even watched this week's episode and though I plan on watching it since it was left on a suspense last week, I cannot wait till to watch "The Women's Tell All" - my favorite episode on every show and how it all ends. I am looking forward to seeing who the next bachelorette will be though the rumors only point to one woman and if the websites have spoiled it, we all know that this particular girl didn't make the cut as Nick's final choice. So why spoil who the new bachelorette will be before Nick's show is even over? Are you guys watching the current season of "The Bachelor" and how do you feel about it and about Nick?! Is this show consumed already and doesn't need to continue since every episode and every year is becoming more predictable though they still amaze us with some date ideas?!

- Speaking of TV Shows my favorite show (the favorite I have had in the last 2-3 years) "Wentworth" is coming back on Australian TV screens this May and hopefully the new season will soon be on Netflix. You can catch the full first three seasons on Netflix so far and perhaps season 4, too. Soon after that, "Orange is the New Black" comes on Netflix with season 5. After a third lackluster season, season four brought us some new characters and some interesting storylines too and I think season 5 is shaping to be exciting. It premieres on June 9th. Rather than that, the only two other shows I am currently watching or interested in are "Scandal" and "How to get away with Murder". Shonda Rhimes is brilliant. I have never been much into "Grey's Anatomy" (I only watched the first season) but the show apparently still has millions of viewers after 13 seasons. Like I said I don't watch it but in my opinion "Grey's Anatomy" has lost the excitement of the beginning years. How many more new characters, storylines and diseases can they come up with?! They have pretty much covered it all. What do you guys think?! What are you currently watching on TV/! What are 2-3 shows you are loving and binge-watching, these days?!

- Tomorrow our temperatures are supposed to hit highs of 60 which is very rare for mid February. Lucky for me I am off and I am home (though I work some Saturdays) so I plan on taking my mini me and going to a nearby city which has a cute down-town. It will be a great sunny day for walking around and even sitting outside on the patio, if possible. Heck, I might even give myself a pedicure - my toes need it. Will it be warm this weekend where you live?! What do you plan on doing?!

That's it for today. I don't have a lot else in my mind. I am tired. But hey here is a message below!