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Going-Out Blues.

If I told you I have at least 200 going-out tops would you believe me? Probably not? LOL But I seriously do. I just need to go out more often and I need more occassion, more date nights, more bar nights and fancier club evenings to wear them cause God only knows I have a huuuuuuuge wardrobe. =P

Most of my going-out tops are 'divided' into 5 categories. 1) Bustier, corset-style or tube tops. These are some of my favorite styles as God blessed me with an ample-size chest and womanly curves and they stay on me nicely despite being strapless, I don't feel naked or like I need to pull them up all night long. My most gorgeous bustiers and tube tops come from Bebe & White House/Black Market.  2) One-shoulder, one-sleeve, or assymetric tops. I love modern assymetry especially in a top or dress. I have so many one-shoulder or one-strap, one-armed tops from casual, to really fancy and some in between, mostly from Express, Bebe & The Limited. As a matter of fact my outfit of …