Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Going-Out Blues.

If I told you I have at least 200 going-out tops would you believe me? Probably not? LOL But I seriously do. I just need to go out more often and I need more occassion, more date nights, more bar nights and fancier club evenings to wear them cause God only knows I have a huuuuuuuge wardrobe. =P

Most of my going-out tops are 'divided' into 5 categories. 1) Bustier, corset-style or tube tops. These are some of my favorite styles as God blessed me with an ample-size chest and womanly curves and they stay on me nicely despite being strapless, I don't feel naked or like I need to pull them up all night long. My most gorgeous bustiers and tube tops come from Bebe & White House/Black Market.  2) One-shoulder, one-sleeve, or assymetric tops. I love modern assymetry especially in a top or dress. I have so many one-shoulder or one-strap, one-armed tops from casual, to really fancy and some in between, mostly from Express, Bebe & The Limited. As a matter of fact my outfit of choice you will see in this blog, showcases a beautiful one-shoulder top by Bebe - a store I personally love. 3) Tunics. I love a fun, pretty tunic. I have several as I love wearing skinny pants, leggings, skinny jeans & jeggings - which paired with a tunic would make for an easy, pulled-together, fun & appropriate though simple going-out outfit. I have silk tunics, blousy tunics, see-through tunics which I love paring with a camisole underneath, sweater tunics and the dressier kind which are sequined or that feature rhinestones, beads and such. I have some nice tunics from H&M, Express, Bebe, & White House/Black Market for example. 4) Fun, dressy, detailed tops. In this category, I'd include any pretty and dressy top featuring something "special" whether the top is beaded, sequined, embroided, zippered, buttoned in a cute and kind of weird way, a fun detail, a cool neckline, ruffles, a cute sleeve like a dolmain sleeve, a mixture of textures and/or fabrics, attention to all the details be it in the cut, shape, style, material, pattern, design or so. ;-) 5) Last but not least for a simpler, more casual date or a night at the bar, cocktails and/or sushi dinner with girlfriends, etc. I prefer wearing a camisole or tank-top, especially if the weather permits for it. Most of my camisoles are either silky with tiny spaghtetti-straps, or featuring lace on the top by the neckline, on the bottom by the hemline or both. If it is chilly, I like pairing my camis with my beautiful cardigans, especially with a nicer, dressier cardi. ;-) My going-out tank tops are usually fitted, with a fun logo or pattern and especially with sequins. I have many such a tank-top by Express & The Limited.

I don't have a lot of time today but I would like to re-visit this post in the future and show you examples of my fun, beautiful tops and HOW I WEAR THEM. However, I started this blog this way today, because my outfit today features a fun, going-out, one-shouldered top which I wore for a night out with my husband and some friends, at a martini bar, this Fall in late October. It was the perfect dressy-casual outfit and the perfect going-out top to wear for this particular night. At least I thought so. However I worked this outfit up, from the boots and hat and then mixed and matched with the clothes in my wardrobe to see what would go with those two very important accessories. ;-) I hope you like the results, I do. =) [The photos by the table with the chandelier light on the ceiling, are actually taken in our home, in our dinning room.]

When you go out with friends, of course a lot of photos will follow. Photos are beautiful, unforgettable memories after all and nothing better than making nice memories in life. =) People and places are important to remember for as long as you shall live! These photos are with two of my girfriends from that evening (Toni & Yelena), and of course pictures with my darling man. I love how I have mixed two styles into one in this top: it is both an assymetric top, as well as a tunic. The square-weaved black & white belt/sash of the top is so pretty, too. I also love how the suede blue boots match the almost-the-same-blue of the jeans. Makes the line of the outfit look slimer and like my legs are never-ending. LOL
One-Shouldered, Lavender/White, Exotic-Print Silk Tunic: bebe.
Skinny Blue Jeans: Charlotte Russe.
Royal Blue Suede Boots: Wet Seal.
Navy Blue French Berret: Purchased @ a Store at Heathrow Airport in London, England.
Cropped, Wool, Brown Coat: The Limited.