Thursday, November 2, 2017

Currently, November 2017.

I blinked and October was gone. Of course - cliche or not - isn't that always the case with each month?! But I am kind of glad October was gone because it was a tough month, a sad month - so much tragedy and senseless acts of crime and terrorism happened and I say this after each time we hear of a shooting: but when will it ever stop?! At least I ended the month on a good note since Halloween was great and Vivian spent a very fun day dressed up as Princess Belle, though it was a very cold day. Let's look at the month ahead, shall we?! And while we are there, let's linkup with Anne, too.

realizing: that life is so short - which I already knew, obviously - but really, I realize more and more each day how short life is is and how important it is to spend most of our sacred time on this earth with our loved ones, to tell them we love them, to live the moment with them - which is so hard to do on these days where social media dominates the world. Call your loved ones often, tell them how much they mean to you, tell them you love them. Don't go to bed angry with anyone, especially your significant other and your kids. Tuck your kids in their beds, kiss them good-night, hug them tight and tell them they mean the world to you. Play with your children, dance with them, sing with them, read with them, read and sing to them, watch movies with them, sit with them and do a puzzle together, play their favorite game together or cook together. Be in the moment and put your cell-phone down at least an hour or two a day - it is the best! There are so many losses, accidents, crimes, deaths and sudden heart attacks happening each day. There is so much sadness in this world. We don't need to add to the gloom.

stirring: coffee - I am about to stir my cup of coffee.  It is morning time now that I am writing this and I haven't had my morning coffee, yet. I am about to add a little bit of my favorite creamer - Caramel Machiatto by Nestle Coffee Mate - stir it up and drink it.

 the fact that we had so many warm days this Fall. September and October were in general very mild, warm months and it is fine with me. No rush to bring on Fall or Winter because this is Michigan after all and we have 6 long months of cold weather, ahead of us. I am even appreciating all the rain we have been having - though it makes it almost impossible to shoot photos - because that means, it will snow less in the Winter. I also appreciate blogger friends and multi-blogger collaborations. Myself and a dozen or so other bloggers are getting together for a very special, big Holiday Collaboration called "The Holiday Series" and the first one will go LIVE in just a few days, on Wednesday November 8th to be exact. Stay tuned - it will not only be a lot of fun but so much awesome fashion and styles for you to be inspired by!

Here is the logo/button for our Multi-Blogger collaborations: "The Holiday Series". I love graphic designs and designing collages so much. It is the artist in me. ;-)

investigating: Vivian's mind about Christmas presents. It is that time of year again when we are thinking about Christmas shopping, I don't buy for a lot of people since not all of our family members share gifts, but for the few people I do buy, I try to look for very special, unique and meaningful things - things that they would want and love and of course I pay attention to some of their needs too. These days I am investigating Vivian's little brain and asking her questions about what she wants/likes for Christmas, what she wants for Santa to bring her, etc.

following: new Instagram accounts every week. Instagram is my most favorite social media account for sure and the one I spend time at the most and I am trying to post more and better my Instagram account, each day. But yeah, I find new fun Instagram accounts on the daily. My favorite accounts are life+style mom accounts that don't focus on just personal style but also show us their home style, beautiful home decor, what they cook, what and where they eat, how they live, where they travel, where they spend time with their children, etc, etc. And speaking of Instagram here is my handle - go follow me!!

Here is a walk down memory lane with three posts - one of which not fashion-related - that I have shared on the blog, during this time of the year, on previous years. You always love my outfit flashbacks, so, tell me your favorites!

This was a recap post of Vivian celebrating her very first Halloween, when she was 10 months old. She was Minnie Mousse and actually she had two Minnie Outfits - this hot pink one (her favorite color) and a classic red/white/black Minnie outfit. Vivian was so little and so adorable - the best-looking Minnie Mousse I have ever seen. Vivian actually loves Minnie and she has a version of a stuffed toy Minnie Mousse purchased from the original Disney Store from the first 4 years of her life - 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. I kind of want to buy her the newer version for Christmas.

2 years ago I shared these cozy knits with a cropped, cream, elbow-sleeve cardigan layered on top of  a light-ribbed silver sweater, all topped off with a cozy, long, bright coral infinity scarf. I have all of these pieces in my closet still and I remember loving this outfit when I posted it. I still love it and would wear it now, too.

How cute is this outfit, though the photos didn't come out good since I was working with a very simple point+shoot camera at the time due to breaking my big camera. And look we have a little and super adorable photo-bomber trying to pose with mommy. I absolutely loved this black, red and cream look. That cherry-print, pleated midi skirt by J. Crew is just stunning and I love the print-mixing with the classic and trendy buffalo print, red+black plaid vest. I also accessorized with a soft leather cream bag and cream, patent-leather, Mary Jane pumps. I also collaborated with my beautiful and stylish friend Kristin on this post - look for more collaborations with Kristin with one starting next week. I really need to wear all of these pieces again.