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I blinked and October was gone. Of course - cliche or not - isn't that always the case with each month?! But I am kind of glad October was gone because it was a tough month, a sad month - so much tragedy and senseless acts of crime and terrorism happened and I say this after each time we hear of a shooting: but when will it ever stop?! At least I ended the month on a good note since Halloween was great and Vivian spent a very fun day dressed up as Princess Belle, though it was a very cold day. Let's look at the month ahead, shall we?! And while we are there, let's linkup with Anne, too.

realizing: that life is so short - which I already knew, obviously - but really, I realize more and more each day how short life is is and how important it is to spend most of our sacred time on this earth with our loved ones, to tell them we love them, to live the moment with them - which is so hard to do on these days where social media dominates the world. Call your loved ones often, tell…