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My Fashion Resume 2010: Part One - Special Occassion Dresses.

I love, love this time of the year. It is currently 2°Fernhait outside or about -16°Celsius but I am warm and cozy at my home, feeling the heat, looking at the Christmas lights, draped in my fleece sweat pants and hoodie. As cold and frosty as it is (it snowed pretty much all day, yesterday in Michigan), I love the harmony, light, peace and beauty this season has to offer, and I don't just mean the snow, the hot fireplaces, the hot cocoa, and the snowflakes. Since about Thanksgiving rolls over and December approaches I love the festive atmosphere at every store, every home, every neighborhood, on TV, the holiday specials, the fun and festive concerts, the Christmas Movies and Christmas Specials, everywhere, especially at the malls. And even-though I am super-duper busy this time of the year (every year), Christmas Season is my most favorite holiday and most favorite time of the year and December is my second most favorite month of the year (after May). I especially love this time…