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CURRENTLY: May 2015 (Memorial Day).

Happy Memorial Day Weekend and Happy Memorial Monday Everyone! So, I planned on posting this two weekends ago (on Mother's Day Weekend) and linking up on time with Anne albeit two weekends ago were spent at the hospital with my little sweetie so I am posting this Currently May post on this Memorial Weekend instead.

designing: No new designs or anything just yet, not this Spring/Summer anyway because we are in the process of moving, but once I am all moved I plan on designing a new vanity/beauty/jewelry corner for me and a new play area with a brand-new bed also, for Vivian.

enjoying: This Spring I am enjoying fresh, sweet delicious strawberries, macchiato(s) from "Mulliri i Vjeter" (the best coffee company/place in Albania), ice-creams and lots of fresh, healthy salads. I am also enjoying two new TV Shows: "The Bachelorette" which just started and I am looking forward to watching (it will be a beautiful train wreck, I bet) and "Secrets and Lies" with Ry…