Sunday, May 24, 2015

CURRENTLY: May 2015 (Memorial Day).

Happy Memorial Day Weekend and Happy Memorial Monday Everyone! So, I planned on posting this two weekends ago (on Mother's Day Weekend) and linking up on time with Anne albeit two weekends ago were spent at the hospital with my little sweetie so I am posting this Currently May post on this Memorial Weekend instead.

designing: No new designs or anything just yet, not this Spring/Summer anyway because we are in the process of moving, but once I am all moved I plan on designing a new vanity/beauty/jewelry corner for me and a new play area with a brand-new bed also, for Vivian.

enjoying: This Spring I am enjoying fresh, sweet delicious strawberries, macchiato(s) from "Mulliri i Vjeter" (the best coffee company/place in Albania), ice-creams and lots of fresh, healthy salads. I am also enjoying two new TV Shows: "The Bachelorette" which just started and I am looking forward to watching (it will be a beautiful train wreck, I bet) and "Secrets and Lies" with Ryan Phillippe - Reese Witherspoon's ex. It is an excellent little show full of twists and turns and some great acting also. I give it two thumbs up and hope it gets renewed, of course.

ordering: A new bathing suit and some new bras. They are the things I need first and foremost this Summer especially with a vacation coming up in two weeks.

celebrating: I took Vivian for a check-up at her pediatrician today and her severe cold is so much better and lighter - huge improvement. She is still on antibiotics, a cough syrup and another medicine, though. But this Spring is all about celebrating Vivian's good health. I get so happy when I hear good news about her health.

tasting: Currently tasting a fresh loaf of bread and some strawberries. And I am about to eat my healthy crockpot vegetable+meat meal, soon.

Anne is also doing an "On My Radar" post right now and I planned on doing one of these too, so I am killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.
On My Radar: Summer 2015

On My Radar: Summer 2015 by ada54 
Of course as a fashion-lover, style blogger and as a woman I always want new things in my wardrobe. Some are wants, some are needs. I am a shopaholic, I admit. But the following 9 items are things I need and also want in my wardrobe, that are currently missing. I believe all of these are stylish and versatile enough (despite being trendy) to be worn for several Spring/Summer seasons. Besides the collage options I am showing you guys other affordable options, also.

So what is currently on my radar?
A pair of Distressed Boyfriend Jeans in the perfect medium-to-light wash and believe me these are hard to find. They have to fit right and be the perfect amount of distressed and the perfect medium blue wash.
A pair of White Pumps. They are all the rage this current season and I have only worn White Pumps to my high school graduation many years ago and a few years later to my wedding. It is about time I add a pair to my closet.
A Floral Kimono or two. Hopefully I can find a couple of them and not pay over $25 for each. Forever 21 I am looking at you. I would like to have one in a light floral and one in a dark floral (like the one in the collage). I would prefer one a little longer than the other and for one of them to have fringe on the bottom and/or on the sleeves.
A pair of two-toned Sandals with a little bit of a heel, not necessary a tall, skinny heel like in the collage. I think something in camel/pink, white/light blue, coral/beige, black/pink would be great. And a medium-height, thicker heel would be perfect.
A black+white or navy+white Gingham Dress, preferably in a shirt-dress style or another one that feels casual but can also be dressed up, easily. I am in love with the option from my collage.
A pair of Scalloped Shorts in a Pastel Color. I love how feminine and pretty scalloped shorts are especially in a pretty pastels like mellow yellow, baby blue, blush, baby pink or light coral. I am loving that mellow yellow pair from the collage.
A couple of Graphic T-Shirts. I own a few Graphic Shirts but mine are more with an art type of design. I would love to add a couple with fun messages or words, like the one above. Preferably I can find one white and one gray that I love.
A pair of Hot Pink Pumps. I want to add a pair of Bright Pink Pumps to my closet because I feel like they have been missing from it, for forever. I would love mine in a Patent Leather or better yet a Suede since I feel the Suede can be worn easily for all 4 seasons.
A Kendra Scott or KS-inspired Long Pendant Necklace. I would love either the Hot Pink one (like from the collage) the Coral or the Turquoise one, but Pink would be my first choice.
A Medium-wash Chambray Shirtdress. I have wanted one of these for the last 3-4 years now and have tried on several but have had no luck. They weren't exactly the right one. I would love mine to be in a shirt-dress style where the sleeves could adjust from long to short with buttons, and the color to be that perfect medium-blue, slightly vintage wash. I wouldn't mind if it was a little longer on the back, either.
There you have it. This is what I am currently waiting to add to my closet this Summer, what about you?

And since we are in thr subject of Currently, I am currently planning for a vacation to come soon. I shall be gone between June 6th-June 14th. I am looking for 3 or 4 Guest Posts to run here the week of June 8th so if you are interested let me know via the comments or E-Mail me. Since I will be on Vacation, I'd like for them to be vacation-related. Such as what to pack for (you) for a beach vacation, what about what to pack for a Summer mountain vacation, what to eat on vacation, what to pack for your baby or toddler on vacation, what places are must-visits on a vacation you have done, what are some beauty/makeup must haves on vacation, etc. If you agree to do the posts, please send them to me no later than June 4th and I will let you know what date your post will be up. Thanks a lot, ladies!

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