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Little Red Sweater Dress.

It is always quite easy to find black, gray, charcoal, brown and even beige sweater dresses. But finding them in softer or brighter colors is harder, so when I picked up 3 colorful sweater dresses last Fall at my favorite store - The Limited - I was ecstatic. Among those three is this one. It is a true red, a darker red, but a red nevertheless, not burgundy, not wine, not cherry, not maroon. I know you can't quite tell from the photos but is as red as red comes. =) I love the color of this dress, but I also really like 3 other things about it: the length which is a perfect couple inches above the knee; the sleeves, both the fact that they are three-quarter and also that they feature a see-through crochet motif; and the cozy effect, it is pretty thick but not too thick and keeps you quite warm. =) Oh and RED just "happens to be" My Most Favorite Color hands down!!

I wore this dress for sort-of-a-special occassion. My oldest friend to date (from the same Albanian hometown …