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August's Top 3.

Hi. I cannot believe the last (technically) month of Summer is gone, also. 2/3rds of this year have flied by so fast. It looks like yesterday when I had a big belly, and now I have a 7 and a half month old, feisty, energetic, beautiful Baby Girl. Ahhh 2013 - you have been a Wonderful Year to me, so far! With that said, it's time I do a recap of the past month's fashions and my most favorite 3 Looks of the month. =)

August was a tough month for me to blog. I was super-duper busy. I skipped a lot of days. I will do my best to blog daily this month. So far so good: I am 4 for 4. But yeah I wore a lot of Blue in August, so I am not surprised that my 3 most favorite looks, have Blue in them. Which one is the Most Favorite Look of the 3? Here they are below in no particular order.

1. Silk Charmeuse, Tank Dress.
2. Faking a White Suit.
3. Sky Blue Head to Toe.

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Mom's Must Have Fall Items Series - Week 1 CARDIGANS.

This Summer, I paired up with Agi of Vodka Infused Lemonade to bring you some Must-Have Summer Pieces for a Summer Wardrobe. We included Shorts, Jeans, Plain White T-Shirts, Girly Tops & Maxi Dresses as our pics and each remixed them in different ways. I did a Day & a Night Look for each item. CheckOutTheseFivePosts!!

This Wednesday, for the next several weeks in a row, I am pairing up with Heather of H&K Style Journey, for the Fall Series of what we both think as Must Have's for Moms. =) 
For this first week, we chose to wear Cardigans. I think a Cardigan is a must-have piece year around, but especially for Fall they are necessary to wear. They can be both your layering piece as well as your topper or outter-wear for when it is little a cool out. And for colder, late Fall days you can layer them with heavier pieces or top them with a Blazer, Coat, Jacket or Scarf.
Here are 2 ways how I styled two Different Cardigans: one for Early Fall & one for later in the Fall. Th…