Friday, June 14, 2013

Flashback Friday: Cropped Pants and Hi 5 for Friday!!

Hi Guys. I haven't done Flashback Friday in a while so I am taking Cropped Pants for a spin today and showing you 4 Outfits from the past. I actually own a lot of Capri Pants & Cropped Pants, most of which are either from Express, Old Navy or from The Limited. But I also have some from Target, some from Gap and some from H&M. Below I bring you a few Outfits of how I have worn some Crops from My Collection.

Beige & Ivory, Rose-Print, Satin-Trim, V-Neck Tee: Banana Republic.
White, Cotton Knit, 3/4-Sleeve, V-Neck Cardigan: The Limited.
Khaki, Wide-Legged Cropped Pants w/ Bow-tie Belt: Target.
Pastel, Beaded, Drop Earrings: The Limited.
Faux Alligator Leather Gray Ballet Flats w/ Purple Peep-Toes & Skinny Bows: Old Navy.
When: April 2009.
Where: Our Apartment's Balcony, in Michigan, USA. (Visiting Family that was moving back to Albania.)
 Purple, Short-Sleeve, Poplin Button-Down Shirt w/ Bell Sleeves: The Limited.
Gray/Taupe, Light Tweed, "Cassidy" Crops w/ Button Detail: The Limited.
Dark Purple, Suede, Pointy Pumps: Charlotte Russe. 
When: June 2009.
Where: My Grandparents House in Michigan (their Back Porch), for a Sunday Brunch.
Black+Purple, Floral-Print, Cotton Wrap Shirt: Express.
Black, Nylon Camisole: The Limited.
Hot Pink, Poplin, Cropped Pants: The Limited.
Fuchsia, Pleather Flip Flops: Old Navy.
When: May 2008.
Where: My Grandparents Home in Michigan.

 Navy+White, Swirl (Geometric) Print, Ruched, Halter Top: The Limited.
White, 3/4-Sleeve Blazer w/ Ruched Collar: Bebe.
White, Cropped, Cargo Pants: Aeropostale.
White, Patent Leather Clutch w/ Silver Ring Buckle Detail: Express.
Olive-Green, Plastic Frame Sunglasses: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Blue, Studded, Suede Sandals w/ Wood Cone Heels: Old Navy.
When: April 2009.
Where: In front of our Apartment Building in Michigan, for a Day Out & About with my Cousin, celebrating Spring.

I also, haven't done an Hi 5 for Friday H54F in a long time so decided to do one today. So here it goes, the 5 Things I am super-thankful for this Friday June 14th 2013. =)

1. I am stoked that my Sweet Little Vivian got her American Citizenship. So much better than getting a Visa to travel. This way she is Free to Travel whenever and to wherever she wants. Little Viv. =)
2. I am super excited that in less than a month I should be in USA. I miss Michigan, I miss US in general but more than anything I miss My Parents & Brother. They get to see me and the baby (for the first time), which also means the two of us will get spoiled. I plan on staying a good 3-4 months, also.
3. It is finally FULL-ON SUMMER here and that means I am wearing a Shirt Summer Dress, today. It was about 90 degrees by the way.
4. I went shopping today and spent close to 60 bucks but that got me: 2 Summer Tees, a pair of Wedges, a pair of Sandals, a set of Bangles plus a Bracelet, a Statement Necklace, 4 pairs of Earrings, a Hair Clip & a Headband. Not too shabby right?
5. I am excited about this upcoming Sunday. My Mom sent over a luggage through someone, so we will pick it up at the airport on Sunday. She purchased lots of Summer Clothes for my Husband, some for me, some for the Baby. She also did some Closet Shopping for me in my Closets in US. I am excited to see what she chose & sent over. Though I will REALLY DIG IN those closets, once I am in Michigan.

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