Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Currently, December 2018.

Just like that, we are at the very end of 2018. It is the last month of the year. Stores and retailers are filling up our emails with offers, promo codes and sales several times a day. Everywhere you go there is Christmas music and Christmas decor. Down-towns are all decked out in lights and tinsel. Hot cocoa, hot tea and chestnut praline are the drinks of choice, or eggnog for some. And construction is in full swing if you live in Michigan. I swear to God, they are always building up and repairing roads in this state LOL. Anyway, I love doing these Currently posts. As usual, every month I am linking up this "Currently" post with Anne!

decorating: My home for Christmas. I am not 100% done as I have some last-minute touches and a few changes to wrap it up. But I am home tomorrow and so is my mom and our goal is to clean up the house head to toe and finish all the little things we have to do as far as decorating goes. There will be a Christmas Home Tour next week so please stay tuned. =) I love Christmas Home Tours.

gifting: I haven't gifted anything yet but I went shopping for gifts today and I have purchased a few gifts. I am also looking forward to the Secret Santa Gift Exchange we are doing for my job's Christmas party.  

baking: Unfortunately I do not bake. But you better believe it I am buying all the Christmas cookies (the Danish butter cookies) Panettone Cake and Chocolate Truffles that stores get filled with, this time of the year.

singing: humming to some Christmas songs here and there. I am playing both Holiday Music and all the other music, too. 

mailing: Christmas cards soon, I hope! Fingers crossed. For real!  

One of my favorite parts of these "Currently" posts is reminiscing about outfits of the past, shown+blogged on previous years at the same time of the year. Since tomorrow's 'prompt' on The Blended Blog is about sparkles+shine, I choose to look back at previous Holiday Outfits featuring sparkle and sequins. I decided to select one sparkly outfit from each of the past 5 years. I skipped December 2012 - my very first year of blogging - because I was very, very pregnant then and if I recall correctly I don't remember any sparkly outfits. But I love how you can get a sneak peak below of each of the Christmas Trees I have had through the years. One thing is certain - I never decorate the same. NEVER! Take a look below and let me know what you think of these festive Holiday Outfits, today. Thanks. =)

Back 5 years ago which was also Vivian's very first Christmas, I actually had the least amount of dressy looks for the Holidays. I stayed very comfortable and casual that year as a new mom and a stay-at-home mom to a nursing baby. This chic outfit which is casual yet put-together was one of the most dressy looks from December 2013. This outfit was part of a week of Holiday Looks I showed on my blog, back then. I had just purchased (in Albania) that Stunning Black Sweater with the Sequined Bird Couple. Those parrots sure look stunning+festive. I love that I created a monochrome 95% black outfit with pops of color via that sweater (wish I had that sweater now). I can think of at least one blogging friend that would love this sweater and that is my stylish babe Shelbee, since I know she loves birds. What I also love about this holiday look is the textures of this outfit. Between the Black Velvet Leggings by White House Black Market and the sequins on that sweater I am wearing two popular 'materials' for December which is the month of Christmas and New Year's Eve. Also, Vivian was 11 months then. Isn't she adorable in her Fair Isle Sweater Dress?! It was her first Christmas as I said so I had a Girly Candy/Dessert theme going on as far as the Christmas tree goes. I did mix+match the dessert ornaments with classic red+gold ornaments though.

You know what combination I love come Christmas time? Pairing some type of Plaid (especially a red Christmas plaid) with Sequins. This time the sequins are on the bottom as I am wearing these Fancy Jogger-Style Sequined Black Pants and I dressed them up with Bronze Platform-Heeled Real Leather Pumps by Bebe. Carrying a Fun Artsy Clutch and wearing a Colorful, Jewel-Toned Necklace also makes this Plaid Button-Down Shirt totally dressed up. I would totally wear an outfit like this for New Year's Eve. Also, this post was part of a week of collaborations with fun ideas on Holiday Outfits. That was the 'plaid week' and this was the very first collab I did with my dear Canadian friend LINDA from A Labour of Life.

I spoke about textures on the previous outfit. Well let me count the textures in this New Year's Eve Style Inspiraton for you: Leather Shoes, Fishnet Chevron Tights, Frayed Skirt, Satin on the Skirt+Bustier, Lace Bustier, Sequined Blazer, Tasseled Earrings, Zippered Edged Ruffles on the Clutch and Faux Fur Pom Pom Bag Charm. Yes, yes I know that is A LOT of details and textures in one single outfit but for New Year's Eve a Fancy, Glam and Fun Outfit like this is appropriate I think. Plus I kept it mostly in black with that bright pop of Bourdeaux right in the middle. What do you think?! And P.S. that white Christmas tree with the purple and turquoise ornaments came out looking gorgeous, that year.

This was one of my yearly Holiday Collaborations. Myself and 5 other blogging friends got together to show you what to wear for New Year's Eve and I decided to be glam but classic that year in this Smocked-Neck, Long-Sleeve, Chiffon Teal Dress. The sparkle of this dress is subtle here since those little dots are like little sparklers made of metallic thread. But since it was NY Eve I added more sparkle via my Silver Mesh Crystal Collar Necklace, Statement Earrings and all my Hand Jewelry. More sparkle comes through that beaded strip in my clutch. There is also a little texture here via the Diamond-Patterned Tights, the Suede Buckled Pumps and the Satin Black Clutch. Both in the blog and in real life I wore two very Classic New Year's Eve Outfits that year and I loved them.

There is no sequins, crystals or beads on this outfit. However the sparkle effect comes from the grommets and metallic buttons on that Adorable French Beret as well as the Stunning Statement Earrings full of clustered crystals. I got a lot of Pink+Grey on - a color combination which I love. And another Bird Sweater. This is not a 'typical' Holiday Look but I do have on birds, Glen Plaid and some Faux Snakeskin. Plus the bow and the bright fuchsia make this outfit totally festive, tres-chic and stylish without even trying. It was also one of my most favorite outfits I have ever worn. It is totally me, too.

Looking Back, I think my 2 most favorite outfits here are the earliest one and the most recent one, both outfits featuring bird sweaters. What about your favorite 2 outfits from these shared?!