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Currently, December 2018.

Just like that, we are at the very end of 2018. It is the last month of the year. Stores and retailers are filling up our emails with offers, promo codes and sales several times a day. Everywhere you go there is Christmas music and Christmas decor. Down-towns are all decked out in lights and tinsel. Hot cocoa, hot tea and chestnut praline are the drinks of choice, or eggnog for some. And construction is in full swing if you live in Michigan. I swear to God, they are always building up and repairing roads in this state LOL. Anyway, I love doing these Currently posts. As usual, every month I am linking up this "Currently" post with Anne!

decorating:My home for Christmas. I am not 100% done as I have some last-minute touches and a few changes to wrap it up. But I am home tomorrow and so is my mom and our goal is to clean up the house head to toe and finish all the little things we have to do as far as decorating goes. There will be a Christmas Home Tour next week so please stay …