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Art-Painted Classic and Modern Sheath.

You get a second outfit today, since it's a Saturday I didn't get to enjoy and all, but spent it at work. This is the first time I have worn this dress to work. It is quite a sexy sheath and the sleeves are too cool. They have a tiny cut-out on top, by the shoulders [cannot be seen in the photos =( unfortunately] but yeah it's a nice satin-silk dress. Quite sexy too without showing much at all. Previously, I wore this dress to a wedding, a Girls Night' Out and for my Birthday 2 years ago - that was the first time. I wore it differently, each time. =) And once again this is a pair of sandals I have worn a lot this summer. I purchased them last summer and wore them a few times, as well. I even took them with me to a couple of weddings, to switch after the heels. They are quite dressy & sexy and very very comfortable.

Art-Print, Purple, Periwinkle, Black & White, Silk Sheath:Bebe. Dressy, Pearl & Rhinestone Drop Earrings:Fred's Jewelry. Dark Silver, Thong-Wed…

Red, White, Black and Girly!

Hello There Friends. It is Saturday and this lovely weekend day is wasted at work, for me. Story of my life!! But I got on a real cute outfit with a sassy, little skirt. I feel very girly and pretty and like the world is mine. So I'll move on past the Saturday blues and let you enjoy the outfit!! =)

Red, White & Black is a Favorite combination of mine. Even better when the skirt is a bright tomato red with chiffon pleats and the top is a cute, elegant tank with just a hint of crocheting by the neckline. I added a fun, leather-plated necklace and some tall, not-to-be-missed wedges, and you have today's outfit.

White, Cotton Tank w/ See-Through Crocheting Detail on the Neckline:The Limited. Red, Chiffon, Pleated, Flouncy, Short Skirt:The Limited. Black-Leather Strap Necklace Featuring a Rectangle, Red-Leather Medallion:Gloria Vanderbilt. Dark Red, Plastic, Stretchy, Bobble Bracelet:Express. Neon Pink Nail Polish (on Toes):Flormar. Red & Ivory Stripped, Lace-Up Wedge Sandals: