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Everything is New !!!

Welcome to an all new, beautiful, much improved and organized blog. Doesn't it look pretty and clean? If you are a first-time reader, I just had my entire blog re-designed. The lovely Ashley from The Grits Blog did it for me and made me such a happy girl. I was so happy to see it all come together. It is very me: clean, elegant, girly but not too much, in blush (Rose Quartz) and mint green with touches of red. I will talk about the blog design more throughout the week but for now just browse around, check it out and let me know what you think. =) So, yeah this was one of the big things I was working on lately, on top of a very busy personal work schedule, house issues and health issues for all of us as a family and horrible migraines I had to deal with. It has been such a hectic last few weeks. On top of that, we have had a lot of snow and my picture-taking has suffered from it. But you know: all is well that ends well.
To celebrate this new design and 4 years of blogging (this Spr…

We Bundle Up in Blanket Scarves.

Happy March 1st Everyone! 
1/6th of the year is gone, vanished. Oh my. Technically March is the first month of Spring (though not until three weeks from now) but from our warm, bundled up looks and blanket scarves you would think otherwise. Vivian and I bundled up today during a Snow Storm (IRL it is snowing quite a bit, though these photos are from a few weeks ago, when we had another snow). Speaking of March and Spring, in my home-town where I was born in Albania, March 1st is a holiday of sorts because we celebrate Spring Day. We make these special types of cookies, some warm drinks with liquor on them, a salty bread pudding which is amazing and the night before we go outside around a big fire which symbolizes letting go of Winter. Also, we put red+white braided bracelets in our wrists (made of thread). The white symbolizes the peace and joy that Spring brings, while the red symbolizes good health and wealth. I bet you didn't know this. You will learn more fun facts about me thr…