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Shorts and Floral.

Summers are hot in my parts of the world. This Summer has been no exception though it hasn't been as hot and humid as some other years, where it is in the 90s every day. However, as a Stay-at-Home Mom (mostly) and chasing after a young toddler, I have worn a lot of Shorts, usually with Sandals or Flats, sometimes with Sneakers. Especially during daytime: my morning coffee, walks with Vivian and day errands usually find me wearing Shorts. Today's post shows you 3 Outfits worn sometime this month, all featuring Shorts and Floral.
First up my Graphic Floral Lime Green+Neon, Gorgeous New Shorts paired with an Off-White Tee that has Crystal Embellishment on the chest area. The Watercolor Green Keds go well without being matchy-matchy. And due to being hot all I accessorized with were a couple of Bracelets and a Cocktail Ring matching the Colors of the Outfit. Hand Jewelry: Bright Yellow, Stretchy, Triangle+Small Circle, Lucite Beaded Bracelet: American Fashion & Jewelry  (gorgeou…

Trench Thursday.

Counting today, there are only four days left in August, FOUR. It seemed like August just started yesterday. Every year it feels like each Summer goes by faster and this year is no exception. It starts slower in June, speeds up in July and then August is kaboom - it is gone in the blink of an eye. Am I alone in thinking this? So yeah, in less than a month Fall/Autumn officially starts. But folks, it is between high 80s to low 90s here, definitely in the midst of Summer, weather-wise.

Before Summer is kaput, I wanted to wear some more Dresses, especially ones I have ignored for a long time, so just like yesterday, my Yellow Trench Dress today hadn't been worn since last year, from last Easter to be exact. Trench Dresses (sister to Shirt Dresses) are very in right now. But really styles get recycled often, because I purchased this Armani Exchange Beauty in the Summer of 2009. I have worn it only about half a dozen of times unfortunately, as much as I love it. Finally I re-wore it, j…

Flower Power Girls.

In an effort to shop my closet and wear several Summer pieces which hadn't been worn since Summer 2013 or worse Summer 2012, here is another one for you: this Floral Coral Romper, last seen here. Since I wore this on a late Afternoon/Evening I added my elbow-length sleeve Teal Cardigan to it. I layered a Thick Silver Woven Necklace with a Beaded Royal Blue Necklace. The Neon on the Bracelets picks up the Neon Yellow Belt and the pops of Neon from the Sandals. Everything goes together without being too matchy-matchy I think. Do you own a Colorful or Floral Romper for the Summer, yet? I say you get one. Below, I linked many beautiful options of Rompers all under 45 bucks!! (I particularly love to have the 2 rompers with sleeves). Flower Rompers/Jumpers are fun and not as difficult to style as you may think. 

My Daughter Vivian has her own Flower Power ensemble going on. Don't you love her gorgeous Turquoise Floral Dress? She always steals the show, in this case Mommy's Blog. …