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Creamsicle Bohemian Flair.

Good Morning and Good Monday Ladies. I am so behind with posting outfits and I still have several from June (like this last White Dress) plus the outfits I wore on vacation. But I am so busy come Summer and the blog goes a little on the back-burner. I hope I am not the only one. If so, oh well. Life comes first, as it should. Before I went on vacation and even when I came back I showed you that the last week of June, was all about Little White Dresses - that I have plenty of. Well my dress today is Off White or Cream but it still falls under a LWD category and it is from Nordstrom. I ordered it almost two months ago but it was back-ordered and I finally got it a few weeks ago. I love the lace-adorned bell sleeves, half-open V-back and the lace detail on the front - all perfect little Bohemian details. So, for the first time wearing it out I decided to go all Bohemian and Monochromatic and paired it with my Fringe Block Sandals and a Crocheted Summer Bag. I also accessorized with a Pear…