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To Hope and to Live - Written by Me.

All of you that slightly know me or read my blog, know by now that I love to write. I started writing in my native language (Albanian) since I was 9 or 10. My favorite class has always been creative writing. But I also liked business writing, analytical writing, etc. - I studied business in school after all. But as soon as I started learning English in my early teens - before I moved to United States - I started writing my first essays, short stories and poetry and I haven't stopped since. In case you were wondering, I have probably written over 400 poems in English ever since, plus essays, short stories, a couple of long stories and more. As I was looking through old files in my computer I found this little gem that I wrote almost a decade ago. It was a week before I turned 30 actually, on April 28th 2010 to be exact. Funny thing is re-reading this, I must say that I concur with every single thing I wrote then - now, though my life has changed so much in the last decade, mostly f…