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Poppy Blouse and Computer Issues.

You guys. I meant to post late Thursday night which turned into Friday, which turned into Sunday. But I am having computer issues. Granted my lap-top is old and honestly I could use a new one but May was an expensive month. Between bills, baby showers, birthday gifts (for others), new clothes for Vivian since she outgrew some of hers, expenses for her school approaching the end of the year, a necessary Amazon order, a new cell-phone and paying for half of Vivian's Summer School, I could easily say that May was a very expensive month to say the least. So I apologize that I haven't been able to post, comment on your blogs, follow up with you, link up with you all and all that. Any recommendations from you all for a lap-top that won't break the bank?! I am thinking up to $800?! Please let me know. I appreciate your suggestions and comments on this matter.
PRETTY  POPPY  BLOUSE. But, on a style note I am re-wearing this Gorgeous Kelly Green, Red and Coral Poppy Flower Blouse by …

A You And a Me - Poetry. Plus Thursday Moda.

Our words are so powerful. They say a lot about us: what we feel, what we love, what we remember, what we forget, what we try to remember, what we try to forget, what we like, what we dislike, what hurts us, what makes us stronger or weaker, what puts a smile on our face and what causes us tormented tears. Our words can convey so much. Our words can express a million emotions. Hidden messages or not. What we have experienced or what we are experiencing. Words can make or break the world. At the end of the day, all we have is OUR WORD. The words and metaphors of a poetry do all of that and much more. A poetry is a work of our fantasy but a lot of times fiction and reality are more intertwined than you know it. I think by reading my poems, you can also get a feeling about me as a person, what my life is like or whatnot. Am I right?! Anyway, this poem just came out of the oven. Hot and fresh jut for you guys! Enjoy it!

A  You  And  a  Me...  [Poetry.] 8.45 PM, May 29th 2019.
In a world full…

Shades of Blue.

 These photos are old, the outfit is old as is the camera that took these pics - bad quality photos sorry. Still a cute outfit that deserves being shared, no?! Have you ever watched that Jennifer Lopez Primetime TV Show "Shades of Blue". She had the main role, plus executive-produced it. I heard great things about it though I never saw it. But I heard it got the ax after three seasons. Anyhow, this is how I titled this outfit post today because I have on several...

From my Easy-Breezy Blue, Grey and Burgundy V-Neck, Knee-Length Sleeveless Aztec Dress to the accessories I chose to pair it with, there is a lot of blue in this outfit. I love the chevron pattern within the aztec pattern of this dress. Unique! I belted it with a Cobalt Blue Bow Belt that matched the Blue Bow Hair Clip and a Cobalt+Turquoise Statement Necklace. I am carrying a Beautiful Blue+Dark Red Ostrich Crossbody Bag. And, I also paired it with Enamel Ivory and Coral Enamel Bangles and an Enam…

Stars and Flags for Memorial Day.

STARS  AND  FLAGS  FOR  MEMORIAL  DAY. Happy Memorial Day 2019! I hope your memorial day was filled with lots of sunshine, time by a lake or an ocean, yummy summer cocktails, barbecues and lots of festive red+white+blue. I got on this Stars and Flags Outfit today. Vivian and I even wore matching bows/hair pieces from Forever 21. This is the time for flowers to bloom, stripes to be worn more than ever, kids to wrap up their school year, parents to make plans for the summer and vacations, outdoor activities, soaking our feet in water and sand and relaxing a little bit. It is the unofficial kick-off to Summer but let's remember the real reason for today - those men and women that gave their lives so that we can have OUR Freedom! Let's remember all those who passed so that this country can be safe!!

Thursday Moda #168: Three Generations and Lots of Bows.

May has been cool around here. Lots of rain, winds and windchills. Honestly the most decent and warmest weekend we had was indeed the weekend of my Birthday. The sun was out, it didn't rain one bit and on Sunday - Cinco de Mayo - when today's photos were taken, was even warm enough for short sleeves and bare legs. The temperatures were in the low 70s. I spent part of my birthday weekend - Sunday May 5th - with the two most important ladies in my life, featured in this post: my mother and my daughter. We went shopping at TJ Maxx and Maurice's and had frozen yogurt afterwards. Later, with my dad in tow we had a Birthday Dinner at Apple Bee's. And after that Vivian even rode her bike for a while. It was the perfect warm Spring Sunday! =)
THREE  GENERATIONS. You see my sweet, darling, sassy and very stylish little mini model Vivian often on my blog, but my mom doesn't make appearances often. She is far too shy and she dislikes photos and social media in general. But the …