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Snorkel Blue Crochet Detail Dress and Confidence Linkup.

There is so much love in this little photo. It is not the perfect picture but it is the perfect meaning to me and to my life. Plus, come to think of it, this photo totally describes my blog and fits the blog's name "Elegance and Mommyhood" best. I am a mom, in love with and so proud of my little girl Vivian and I am nicely dressed, putting my best foot forward in an elegant look, where both my daughter and I are wearing Summer Dresses. Vivian hugging me big is just the icing on this pretty perfect cake I get to eat every day: motherhood. This picture makes me very confident: confident that I am a good mother, confident that I am a stylish woman, confident that my daughter loves me and accepts me for me. Speaking of Confidence, today I am also the co-host of Confident Twosday - a very successful linkup on Tuesdays - going strong for over two years now - run by the Beautiful LAURA of I Do deClaire. If you don't read Laura's blog yet or if you don't link up with …