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21 + 22: A Little Bright, a Little Summery.

Though it definitely feels like Fall now, I still have a few more Summery Outfits to show you for this challenge and then back to reality. And yes, besides today you might see Shorts once or twice more. What these Outfits have in common, are Bright, Cheerful Colors. And, I finally wore my Floral Off-the-Shoulder Blouse and the Denim Vest. I am surprised it took me so long for the Denim Vest, but truth be told when it was hot out it was too warm to layer with it and when it cooled off, I needed my Denim Jacket, instead. What do you think of the Outfits below? I love how the second Outfit came out, it is definitely my favorite.
In this first Outfit I kept it simple accessory-wise since I am mixing patterns but they work, because the blouse's pattern is bigger and the short's is smaller. Plus, they are mostly in Black+White letting the Fuchsia pop. I am wearing a Small Red Bow Barrette in my hair which matches the Red Sandals. That Big Silk Orchid across the chest is all embroide…