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23 of 30 and 24 of 30: Black+White, Oxfords and Spring Jackets.

Hi Ladies. I have a lot to say today so we better get started LOL. First of all, Thanks so much for all the compliments yesterday on both Vivian and I. I had kind of a rough day with the power being off for many hours too, so they were such an up-lifting part of my day when I read them. =)

When I started this challenge this month, I had no idea that there were several other bloggers who were doing it at the same time, also. I was happy to discover (yesterday) that I am not alone. Better late than never I guess to find out. Bloggers like LAUREN of Dressing Dallas - who is doing a wonderful job with this challenge thus far - and  KATRIN of Shop. School. Sleep. - who is also hosting a link-up for all the 30 for 30 remixers (that I am linking to, today) are on the same page, as me.More power to all of us that are remixing and shopping within our closets. =)

Today, I got two Outfits for you. They both have a few things in common. They both feature a lot of Black+White with a third pop of Co…