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Fashion-Related and Non-Fashion-Related Talk.

Today is Saturday and for over a year now, this is the day I normally post about Vivian. It has been over a month since she had her very first Birthday but I have yet to give you guys a 12-month update like I have done with all the previous 11 months. I am sorry. But, there are close to 200 photos we took that day (from different cameras and phones), most of which are taken with my crappy (but still working) camera. Don't get me wrong, the camera still works pretty well considering that I have had it for close to 7 years now, it has been dropped many times and even been touched with sticky or greasy fingers. But sometimes the photos are grainy or not bright, so I have to edit the brightness and perhaps the colors on every single one. Thank God I have my other camera. My little (non-professional) Cannon. For someone who loves photos as much as I do, I should invest in a professional, photographer's camera. But those are super expensive and it is nowhere in our budget now. Maybe…