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More Blue paired with White Jeans + the Bubble.

I was on a Blue kick last week. Yesterday I even did more Blue (plus Red) to be Patriotic for Labor Day. While I was missing the White yesterday, I got plenty of it today. =) I hadn't worn White Jeans in forever. Strangely, when I moved to Albania I didn't bring a pair though I own 2 pairs that fit me well. I am glad to be reunited with my White Jeans again. I paired them with one of my Comfy, Stretchy-Cotton Tanks from WHBM. I also added this Short-Sleeve, Blue/Green, Stripped Cardigan which is Smocked towards the hemline. I have had this Cardi, the Belt & the Wedges for a good few years. I wore this Outfit to visit my Mom's Sister with My Mom & the Baby. I added the Teal Bubble Necklace I purchased back in July. I am glad I did because though I have had these Necklaces for over a month now & I haven't worn them too often (I own one in Magenta, too). I liked this Outfit when I put it on. But then when I got back home and took these photos I just felt so-so…