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Liebster and Outfit.

Earlier this week Megan Mae whom I follow religiously, posted these answers from a Liebster Award she got. She then awarded/had her own set of questions for each one of her followers to answer. But first, today I decided to answer the same questions she answered and on a later post I will answer Megan's questions, too.

1) Besides fashion, what other types of blogs do you follow?
Blogs on lifestyles, arts, crafts and DIY, cooking/baking blogs, jewelry blogs, etc. Mostly these are all on Blogger but sometimes I check out Word Press and Tumblr.

2) Riskiest thing you've ever done?
Leaving United States last November and coming to Albania (my home country) with my husband, after living in US for half of my life. I cannot say that I won't ever go back at the States but for now Tirana (Albania's capital) is home to me. I plan on visiting US for at least two months next year, though. I miss so many things about the States, especially my dear family.

3) Flight or invisibility?

Yellow, Black and White.

Hello All. I have had a good Thursday thus far except for a very weird, obnoxious, psychotic, foul-mouthed publisher that had nothing to do with his day bue insult, scold and yell at a young woman like myself, while I was completely being calm, cool and collected despite his nonsense and his foul language. This doesn't happen very often, but it has happened a couple of times around my job, however none worse than today. What a creep! Anyway, I am a positive, up-beat person in general so I don't even want to give him the time of the day any longer.

So, have you ever paired yellow with black and white before? I have done it a few times and seem to love the combo. Usually bright, bold, sunlight, crayola yellows are the ones that look best. You don't want your yellow to look close to your white. I own many shells and cute, girly tops and a lot of them are 100% silk. When I buy my silk, I make sure the majority of these items can be hand-washed or machine-washed. I rarely use a…

Beige Polished.

Hi all. Wednesday already hmmmm? Since I am tempting to watch a movie while writing this I will keep it quick today and move on to the outfit. I haven't worn beige a lot this summer but I certainly love it. It is such a natural, beautiful, rich color. Love this silk button-down blouse with military detailing and of course these super-cute, flat sandals featuring that big flower made of glass-looking beads. The skirt, has mostly beige stripes in two different shades, so I am bringing out more the stripes of the skirt too, by wearing this blouse and sandals.

Sleeveless, Button-Down, Military Style, Beige Silk Blouse:Express. Black, Multi-Colored-Stripped, Silk, Midi Skirt:The Limited. Stretchy, Plastic, Yellow Bangles: Charlotte Russe. Ivory & Gold-Edged, Flower-Shaped, Stud Earrings:Parfois Blush-Colored, Strappy Sandals, Featuring a Big Beaded Flower:Nine West.  P.S. I am also linking this outfit today with Fresh, Tall & Fabulous Lindsey.

Tealed-Off and Bow-Tied.

Hello All for the second time today. Ahhh I am so exhausted. I got home from work around 6.05 PM, had some fruit and tried to take a nap at least for an hour to 1.5 hours. I started reading (I am currently reading something really good - but more about this on a different day) and before I knew it I was 60 pages through the book. I was still tired and sleepy but couldn't fall asleep so I woke up around 7.30. It's a good thing I didn't sleep because I really wanted to do a bunch of cleaning today. I have felt so tired and lazy and at times sick, the last 2-3 weeks so our home has been left aside. It's not very big, a 750 square feet Loft-style apartment but you know two people live there so things can be messy if left for a long time. So I took over two hours today to sweep, clean counters, remove clutter, dust and wash the floors real well. The whole apartment is clean now. I gotta work on our bedroom tomorrow. It's not that it is dirty, more disorganized than anyt…

Green, Paisley and Round Belly.

Good Morning Everyone. It is almost 10.00 AM here and I have a few free minutes at work so I figured I should benefit and squeeze in a post, early in the morning. You might get a second post today, in the evening (when I am home), since I have quite a few outfits not posted. Anyways... it continues to be hot here through the day. However early mornings (let's say until 8.30 AM) and later in the evening (passed 8.00 PM) we get a cool breeze. It gets even cooler later in the evening so that's good. At least we can sleep a little easily through the night. Though, truth be told I have my fan on all night, in our bedroom. While I am welcoming the temperature drop, even if it is just early mornings and evenings/nights, it makes it harder to dress for work. By the time I leave work it is so freaking hot that you definitely need short-sleeves, sleeveles, skirts, dresses or shorts on. I think I need to start carrying cardigans or light pull-overs to throw on, in the morning when I go t…

Black and White with Dangling Beads.

Hello all and Happy Monday. Here is to a new week!! I have been so busy at work today. My eyes are stuck on Excel cells, titles, numbers and formulas. But its towards the end of the work day for me and it seems like my work for today is done. It is time for a new OOTD as well as a Visible Monday Post.

So withour further ado I present you a simple black and white outfit. The tank-top here is the white version of the dark red sequined tank top in yesterday's post. I own it in Black and Purple also.The skirt is actual a satiny silk in a floral lace print. It looks like black lace over a white lining but that's not the case. The fun part about the skirt is the tiny black glass beads that hang like fringe, on the bottom. I have a fun floral-shaped, sparkly pin that is made of the same exact black glass beads so I figured I should pin it to my tank top. The earrings are also a black jet, glass stone. And there is more sparkle (in silver) on my strappy sandals.

White, Cotton Tank-Top …

Red and Redder.

I realize I have brought you a lot of bright reds and pinks (magenta) lately but here is another dose of them. I love how fun, girly, bright and cheery this outfit is. I am after all wearing my Favorite Color - Red. Red is a Power Color, a Feel-Good Color, a Feminine Color and a Color that I think looks good all-around on all women, despite their hair color or skin color. =)

So, pleats were huge this summer and I have worn my fair share of pleated skirts, even-though not every outfit has made it to the blog, because some weekend outfits have remained unphotographed. I love the delicate Tomato Red on the skirt, paired with a darker, fuller, let's call it "Blood Red" on top. Plus, as if this outfit wasn't bright enough I got sequins on top. I have several of these sequined tank tops from Express in different colors, and similar ones from The Limited also. They are great mixing and matching pieces. Allso, this is one of my favorite sets of jewelry from White House Black…