Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pinned it and Did it: Animal Sweater and Hot Pink Cropped Pants.

For this Pinspired Look, I pinned this Cropped Pants & Animal Sweater Look from Kate of A JOURNEY IN STYLE. I love her Striped B+W Giraffe Sweater (wouldn't mind having it). Anyway, I knew I had similar pieces to re-create this. I didn't wear a Light Denim Shirt on purpose and, also, I decided to tuck my White Button-Down though I loved Kate's un-tucking, too. And, when Kate purchased these Ballet Flats with the Yellow Cap Toes, I wanted some for myself. I am happy to say that earlier this Summer I found mine at Target & I love them. Kate and I are both wearing ponytails too, though mine looks awful and disheveled, because these photos were taken around 9.00 PM last night (on Wednesday October 9th), after a coffee date and mall shopping with a Girlfriend and Vivian. So, I apologize for looking disheveled and a little bit unruly. 

I am mixing several trends here: Statement 'Animal' Sweater, Colored Pants, Stripes & Neon. And once again, my Yellow Cap Toes match the Yellow Bow Tie on the Owl. ;-) Last time I wore these Pants, I did a head to toe Pink Monochrome. And the last time I wore this Sweater it was also for a Challenge I did with another Blogger. I layered my Sweater with the Button-down and even added a Striped Scarf. Overall what do you think of this Outfit?
Heather Gray, "Owl" Statement Sweater: Old Navy (New).
White, Short-Sleeve, Poplin, Button-Down Shirt: The Limited.
Neon Pink, Dye, Khaki Pants: Gap (New).
Off-White & Neon Pink, Striped, Wide, Linen Scarf: Gap (New).
Dainty, Drop Earrings w/ Nude & Gold Crystal Beads: White House Black Market.
Hot Pink, Patent Leather Strap Watch w/ Silver Rhinestone Face & 2 Pink Rhinestone, Floating Hearts inside: An Accessories Boutique in Albania.
Cream, Neutral, Quilted Handbag w/ Dark Metal Chain Straps & Locket detail: The Limited.
Nude Canvas & Patent Leather, Neon Yellow Cap-Toe Ballet Flats w/ Skinny Bows: Sam & Libby (New). 

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The Pink Momma

Mom's Must Have Fall Items Series - Week 5, Part 2: FLATS.

Yesterday I showed you guys how I wear Boots for Fall. Today, I am going to show you how I wear Flats for Fall. When I am talking about Flats,  for me that includes Ballet Flats, Moccasins, Loafers & Boat Shoes. So without further ado, besides are some options. (Click on each title to see the original post. Click on each collage to make it bigger.)

This Outfit was worn for "My Goodbye to USA" Family Dinner, on November 2011. I am wearing my Leather Gold Loafers by St. John (which I love). I made this Velvet, Little Black Dress Classic by wearing Pearl Jewelry, yet a little bit Modern too by pairing it with a Military-inspired, Chocolate-Brown Corduroy Blazer. It might have been my first time wearing Black+Brown together but I liked it, do you?

This Outfit was worn to Work on a Late Winter day, to work (technically, it was Early Spring but the weather was definitely Wintery). I love how Chic & Elegant it is. I am wearing my Black Suede, Flat Oxford Shoes by Forever 21 (that I love & wear so much). Gray is so under-rated but I love it so much for the cold months. I like the pops of White & Bright Red here. While Argyle is Preppy, Herringbone (Tights) are definitely more Classic. What do you think?

This Outfit was one of the first Outfits I wore to my first job in Albania, in late January 2012. I am wearing my Burgundy Leather & Suede Loafers by Bandolino (wish you could see them better). I mixed a few Trends and Classics here. I have on a B+W Striped Tee with a Chiffon Ruffle, Dressy Tweed/Herringbone Slacks, a Wine/Oxblood Cardigan (it was the Color of the year, last Fall-Winter season) & a Crystal Necklace. What do you think of Outfit #3?

This Outfit was worn on a Sunday out & about in January 2012. I am wearing a cozy item of Clothing (to me) for colder months - a Sweater Dress. This happens to be Royal Blue which I love. My Pointy, Ballet Flats are Cognac with Gold Metallic Spots (Animal Print) by Nine West. I mixed my Metallics here since the Long Necklace & Headband are Gold, while the Bracelets & Rings are Silver. Do you like this Outfit?

This Work Outfit was worn in April 2012. I am wearing my Black+Navy Patent Leather Oxford Shoes by Simple Shoes. The Outfit once again shows Houndstooth, just like yesterday, the day before yesterday and the day before that. These Wool, Cropped Pants are Classic, a little Retro, a little Masculine. The B+W Cardigan with Flowers is quite Feminine though. I love this Outfit. It was the first time I wore something like it. Do you like it?
Here is a better photo of these Oxford Flats (here worn in another outfit).

This is a Work Outfit from April 2012. I am wearing Leather, Brown, Bow, Ballet Flats by Dollhouse. Once again I mixed 3 of the most Neutral Fall/Winter Colors: Gray, Black & Brown but the result came out nice, unexpectedly. And once again, a Sweater Dress (I love them, what can I say). The Black Tights even bring out the Gray because of the Silver Sparkly thread through. The Brown Belt & Black Necklace have Metallic Silver accents, too. What do you think of this last Outfit?

Which of these 6 Outfits do you like the most and why?

Today Heather is wearing some Adorable Ballet Flats on top of the Flats, she wore yesterday.
She pinned and re-created this Adorable Fall Look with her Polka Dot Sweater mixing Beiges & Patterns (with Leopard). I love those new Pointy Flats. I want some Ballet Flats with Gold Cap Toes, myself.

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