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Saturday is for Vivian - 3 Months Update and Lots of Photos.

Today on Saturday April 27th My Sweet Little Vivian is exactly 14 weeks old & last Friday on April 19th it was her 3-Month Birthday. All of the photos are from her Birthday, yes in two different outfits, one from the morning/afternoon & one from the evening. So bare with me but I truly hope the photos won't bore you. You will rather enjoy them! =)

Since my last 2-month update on her, Vivian has grown up a lot more. She has become a way better sleeper. Her bedtime is earlier, usually between 9.30 to 11.00 PM and she usually sleeps for 9-11 hours only with 2 breaks (for feeding, sometimes needs to be changed), sometimes even just one break and sometimes three times. The more Vivian sleeps, the more sleep I can get too, therefore the more relaxed I am to take care of her. She also sleeps more throughout the day. Her day sleep is still in short intervals usually 20-45 minutes, sometimes as long as an hour, but she takes several naps during the day. Now, she smiles a lot more a…