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Blue on Blue on a Friday.

What's in the store for you this Friday? The temperatures here have dropped a couple degrees. Not much at all but at least evenings don't feel like a sauna. I can't wait to be home in less than two hours. Maybe I will take a nap, but really I need to do a little clean-up at work. My house can use a sweep and my refrigerator needs to be cleaned out for any and all the old/stale food. Unfortunately, I work tomorrow, a 14-hour day, so I still need to get my full 8 hours of sleep.

This is just an easy, simple, casual outfit worn to work on a Friday. Friday dress-codes here are the same as any other days, but the American in me, a lot of times tends to dress more casual, simpler on Fridays. I have sort of done a blue on blue look here with a brighter blue top and a lighter blue-ish pair of pants, but I like it.

Turquoise, V-Neck, Short-Sleeve, Ruched Tee:Express. Grayish/Powder Blue, Casual, Wide, Cropped Pants:Old Navy. 3/4-Sleeve, Long, Cotton, Khaki, Boyfriend Blazer: Express.