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Pretty and Comfy New Sweater.

I wanted to write a little longer today and share some thoughts with you on outfits, clothing & style. But once again I am kind of running late in preparing this post so I will keep it short. How has your Tuesday been anyway? You got anything accomplished today? I got the dishes clean, I put up the tree but haven't decorated it yet (my husband actually opened it/put it up) & I got some laundry done. Otherwise I spent most day at work... not being very productive actually. LOL

This sweater is one of the comfortable sweaters my mom bought me at Target when she was looking for Maternity clothes for me. It is not maternity but it has a loose style and it is comfy but cute. I would have prefered it to have been longer in the front. Actually it has a hi-lo style (with the longer back). I like that there are threads of baby blue, lavender, baby pink, turquoise & green in the mix, so it is not just gray. I wore a camisole underneath it of course, and paired it with my Black Ma…