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Thursday Moda #167: Black Coffee with Milky Cream.

Guys, I managed to post not one, not two but THREE New Outfit Posts between today's Thursday Moda and last week's Thursday Moda post, and let me tell you that's a miracle in itself, because this entire year I haven't been able to do more than one, sometimes two outfit posts in between one Thursday to the next. I might as well start posting outfit photos because that's what you enjoy most from me and because I currently have at least 20 outfits queued that have yet to be posted on this little blog. Also, I made it through the majority of the outfit posts from the 29 ladies that participated/posted for my Blog Birthday Parties and before this week is over, I plan on visiting and commenting on the rest. Thanks again to ALL of you who helped me celebrate my birthday, on the blog, this year. I appreciate it so much!
BLACK  COFFEE  WITH  MILKY  CREAM. In case you are wondering why I titled this post "Black Coffee with Milky Cream" is because of the colors of this…