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Last Bright August Day!!

It is so funny how the weather knows us so well. It knows when the calendar changes months and when seasons exchange hands. Now, in this Mid September Day 2010 it sure is and feels like Fall, here in Michigan. Though yesterday and today was pretty warm and the temperatures were as high as 73 degrees. I know I am very behind with posts of my outfits but even-though I have a ton of clothes, I work a lot (2 jobs) and I seriously don't have time to dress for fun and enjoy my style and my clothes (especially since one of these jobs involves a uniform.) Plus, it would require keeping a picture-camera diary every day and having someone available for a mini shoot every day. I wish I had all the time in the world because I LOVE DRESSING UP or dressing for my own pleasure. ;-) Unfortunately I don't have such a luxury. However, when I go out with friends, when I am hanging out with people, for a special occassion, a celebration, a family gathering, a birthday or whatever I am the first p…