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My Baby Story: 33 Weeks.

This week was another fast one. It is already Saturday. This week we finally got in the custom-made closet we ordered for you. The closet is big & beautiful, we love it. You shall have it for a real long time. I cannot wait till I get it all dusted out, lined and organized and put all your stuff in there, and there will still be plenty of room, left. Also, as I was decorating the house, more, this Christmas, I couldn't help but think about HOW SPECIAL next Christmas will be since it will be your very first one. I might even get you your own tree and decorate it JUST FOR YOU, Baby Girl. In general it has been a good week, though I feel tired & beat.

To My Baby Girl:
You will be coming into this world in 6-8 weeks give or take and I could not be happier. Not only you have changed my body and will probably leave little marks along my belly for as long as I shall live, more than anything you have changed my mind and my soul - for the better, of course. You have opened my hear…