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Buttoned Up Businessy but Semi-Casual.

I call this look a buttoned-up office look without being too buttoned-up, if you know what I mean. I could have easily paired these slacks and button-down shirt with a blazer but chose not to. ;-) I added a semi-casual, semi-dressy, open, 3/4 sleeve cardi instead. It is so soft and comfy and it is my favorite cardigan from White House Black Market.

On another note. Today was absolutely gorgeous. Even-though I left my house at 7.30 AM to go to work, I could tell from the sky and the sun greeting me, that it would be a lovely day weather-wise. It warmed up and the sky was clear, plus most people had the day off so all of these combined, put everyone in a better mood. Unfortunately I had a full 12-hour work day ahead of me (another hour to go by the way, I am just taking a break). Had I known the weather would have been this great, I would have worn brighter, more cheerful colors as well, like a cool blue, some pink or some red. But I stuck to gray and black instead (though I loved all …

7 Random Facts (I hope you DO NOT Know) About Me.

I decided to do one of these "Random Blogs" about me, where I list 7 random facts about me (that I haven't said before, I guess). You might have read one or two of these before since I am pretty chatty but I will try to mention 7 new, unused, fun, interesting, never-heard before things about me. The order is of no importance.

1. I have one brother though most people that know me think I have a sister too. That's because my first cousin (my mom's sister's daughter) is like a little sister to me. She is 9 years younger than me but we have so much in common: fashion & shopping is just one of those many things.
2. I want to visit every single continent once before I die. I also want to see all 7 miracles of the world before I die.
3. Between the years 2001 & 2006 I have written well over 2000 poems, at least 20% of them in English and the rest in my native language - Albanian.
4. I rarely wear all black (head to toe black), even-though I don't dislike…