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Thursday Moda #72: Girls in Patterned Maxis and Gold Sandals (Look 21).

Happy Thursday!  Let's start by saying that besides our outfits, I love our pictures today. Many photos are candid (Vivian in action, or doing her thing and even when she posed she was being 100% herself). Actually, more than half of the photos are not even edited at all. I saw no need to do that. Sometimes the best moments we capture in life are those where our lipstick is half-eaten, our makeup is non-existent or not perfect, our legs may even need a little shave and we are wearing flip-flops. Because that is #momlife and that is Real Life and there is nothing wrong at all with that. Just the opposite.
So let's do a little rundown of our outfits. I am wearing the only Maxi Dress that I included in my capsule wardrobe. I love how the pattern sort of looks like a peacock. It is a proud pattern and a loud pattern at that. Plus Green (the color of the year) is a bold and bright color in itself, it is definitely noticeable. I decided to stick to my Casual Bohemian Vibe so I wore Ru…