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Currently, August 2019.

I cannot believe we are more than half-way through 2019. It is back to school month for a lot of states, though my little first-grader will be starting the day after Labor Day. I am glad August is here though because I FINALLY have a little mini-vacation and some beach time coming. Like we do every year, we are taking a short 5-day vacation by Michigan Lake. We will be staying in Beautiful Grand Haven Michigan but plan on visiting South Haven and Holland, too. It is a little girls' trip with my two most favorite ladies: my mom and my daughter. We haven't really been to the beach this year except once, because our little local beach closed (it was a very small, family-friendly beach, by a near-by lake, perfect for kids because the water was shallow), it looks like they are remodeling but it may be open again next Summer, at least I hope so. We did go to another beach close-by last Sunday but didn't enjoy it as much and guys, why have beaches become so expensive? 10 bucks a …