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Marsala Cropped Sweater, Marsala Beret, Marsala Pearls and a Remix.

Today, continuing with 2015's Color of the year as chosen by Pantone - Marsala - I am remixing my Cropped Cowl-Neck, Warm, Cozy Sweater. I purchased this Sweater for 70% off the same day at Orsay, as when I got my Marsala Coated Jeans that you and I all love!
First I wore the Sweater with my Grayish-Taupe Sweater Dress (on the right), then a couple of weeks later I wore it with Black Skinny Jeans and a Light Chambray underneath it. Let's look at each outfit in detail, below. OK, so this Outfit I am not pleased with, not at all. It sounded better in my head than it actually came out. It was a very cold late February day so wearing two heavy knits (the cropped sweater over the sweater dress) was indeed necessary. But I did feel bulky and I do think this Sweater could work over a Light Dress. I tried to mix and match the Deep Burgundy and Taupe of the Clothes with the Dark Purple Tights and Gray OTK Boots, which as far as colors go the four colors worked together. I also added som…