Thursday, January 9, 2014

Recapping 2013: Shorts and Fun Skirts. Plus an OOTD.

Today, I am recapping the last of my Best/Favorite Looks from 2013. Today is the day to recap Shorts and Fun Skirts which include Midi Skirts, Mini Skirts, A-Line Skirts and other Flirty Skirts in a non-Pencil Style. Read my other recaps here: 1, 2 and 3.
I wore a lot of Shorts this year for the main reason that I was a Stay-at-Home Mom and they are also very practical for a Mom-on-the-Go to a Baby. I also added over 10 pairs of New Shorts to my Wardrobe from either Old Navy or Gap. Since I spent most of my Summer in the States that is where I wore most of the Shorts' Outfits including the Shorts I purchased. The Black+White Ikat pair from Old Navy (3rd from left) and the Cobalt Pair with Coral Palm Trees also from Old Navy (2nd from right) were 2 of my favorite pairs that got worn the most.
This is my Favorite Look featuring Shorts. I am wearing one of my New Pairs of Shorts. These ones are from Gap. In this Outfit I have on one of my Favorite Colors which is Orange, pops of Neon, Mixing Prints & Stripes and the Accessories are Fun too with pops of Oxblood: Statement Necklace and Skinny Belt. I felt so Chic and Put Together in this and like I was wearing a tissue, a very Light Outfit. =)
I own a ton of Skirts. I have always loved and worn them. This year I added just a few more to my closet. My newest Favorite Skirts I added were the Faux Leather Skater Skirt which costed me $15 (1st collage, 3rd outfit from the right, on the bottom) and the two Floral Skirts w/ the built-in Butterfly Belts which were $10 each (the Black one pictured on the 1st collage, 3rd outfit from the right, on the top; the Green one pictured on the 2nd collage, 3rd outfit from the right). As you can see I wore a lot of Floral Skirts and Solid, Bright-Colored Skirts. 
This is my Favorite Look featuring a Fun Skirt. This is my Favorite Faux Leather Skirt I mentioned, purchased at Marshalls last August. This is the first time that I styled and wore it to a Baby Shower. This Outfit came together so nicely. Simple as can be, Neutral, yet totally Classy & Girly. And the only Jewelry were some Earrings. They loved it at the Shower and you Ladies loved it on the Blog.

And since I have a ton of Outfits left over from December and a lot more from January to show you, I am also including an Outfit of the Day today, from early last month. I was getting on the Holiday Spirit as you can tell by layering different shades of Red with just a touch of Black and White. Today's OOTD looks like I married this Outfit with that Outfit. Doesn't it? But I swear it was not on purpose. =)
(even my Ponytail Elastic was RED!)
Tomato-Red, 3/4-Sleeve, Light Cardigan: The Limited.
Red & White, Stripped Tank Top: Gruppo Fiori.
Black, Thick Wool, Cable Knit Snood (Scarf): c/o Bershka (New).
Cherry Red, "Osa Slim", Skinny Jeans: Martin & Osa.
Burgundy, Patent Leather, Faux Ostrich, Skinny Belt: White House Black Market.
Red & White-Trimmed, Leather Loafers: Micci's.

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Stay Tuned Tomorrow for a "Pinned it and Did it" from me. =) Happy Thursday!!