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How to Wear a Tank-Style Jumpsuit to Work (Look 5).

A few weeks ago for my birthday and with a couple of gift cards, I did a little shopping at Loft - my favorite store, currently - and while I tried and picked up mostly dresses and tops, I did try this Apron-Style Striped Jumpsuit. I tried it on the small but it was too big on me, so I ordered an XS. I loved it on me when I received it. It is in a thick linen material and the culotte leg makes it work-appropriate. I decided to include it in my capsule pieces, even. Today, I am continuing with my French-Inspired Outfits like yesterday and this time I am doing an office-ready look because that is exactly what I wore my jumpsuit to - work. Today I am showing you how to style a tank-style or spaghetti-strap jumpsuit to work. One word - layering.
Parissiene style is modern, minimalist and clean - exactly like the lines of this jumpsuit which is currently on sale at Loft plus an additional 50% off. You will notice (once I post all of my capsule pieces) that I included a lot of white and sky …